Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Washington Redskins...

...I'm saddened to report that it looks like we've completely gone in the wrong direction. Losing Chris Samuels for possibly his career is hard. Randy Thomas is also not worth much of anything anymore. He can't stay healthy at all. Derrick Dockery doesn't seem like the guy he was when we had him before.

Jason Campbell is still a good quarterback, but I'm done defending him in the West Coast Offense. He's clearly not meant for this offense. He needs a line, continuity in a system, a run game that can flourish with the line, and the ability to pass deep more often off of playaction. But in this system, with this line... he won't amount to anything. Neither will Collins or Brennan though.

The O-Line is in shambles. We need to go young, real young. Maybe trade vets for some draft picks. We need to give these guys a shot to grow together and become a unit like up in New York, Indianapolis, New England, New Orleans, etc.

Antwan Randle El is a joke. This guy used to be cool. He was a playmaker. Now he's dropping open passes and letting punts bounce off his helmet. He's muffed more times this season than he did in his career prior to this year. And when he does hold on to a punt, it's rare that he goes anything more than 10 yards, and even that is a blessing.

And talking about special teams... I'm tired of seeing us play pass-zone on FG defense. We should be sending 11 guys through a 9 man line to try and block FG's, especially on 4th and long from 40+ yards out.

Defensively, I'd grab an OLB, or another DE for the shuffle. If you grab an OLB, put Orakpo at DE because he is serious business with his hand in the dirt. Guys like Daniels, Jarmon, Wynn need to be rotated more often just for multiple looks. At Corner, I'd keep Rogers, but ask him to jam WR's a bit more, because that's what he was good at. This is a contract year, he needs to play like it, not slack off because he wants to be like DeAngelo Hall.

And Vinny Cerrato - he needs to go. He's not gotten results in his tenure here. Believe it or not, Gibbs got the job done on his own, not with Vinny. Vinny has set this team up for failure, miserably. We don't have any chemistry on offense. Jim Zorn is not the problem, personnel is, and Cerrato has been the guy who has failed to give us the personnel to set us up for success.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NFL Review From First Quarter Of 2009-10 Season

AFC East:

New York Jets (3-1) – Mark Sanchez is a man already. Made some rookie mistakes against the Saints, but he’s played well. Offense is slightly above average, not terrific, but good. Defense has been incredible though. Ryan has made this group play as a unit.

New England Patriots (3-1) – Injuries have plagued them all over the field, but they’ve still found ways to win (screw refraining, refs help!). Brady’s been tentative to throw the ball under pressure, but they’ve outscored teams anyways. Safety play has been key on defense.

Miami Dolphins (1-3) – I don’t know what to think about the Dolphins. They beat Buffalo who I’ll get to in a moment. But outside of that, they’ve struggled severely, and it’s quite sickening. This defense and offense have both been figured out, even the Wildcat.

Buffalo Bills (1-3) – After almost beating the Patriots, the Bills have fallen into obscurity. TO has already been a problem, they miss Marshawn Lynch even though Jackson hasn’t been horrible. Defensively, they’ve been weak and they lost McKelvin… long year ahead for the Bills.

AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens (3-1) – Lost to the Patriots with some questionable calls by referees, their offense has been one of the best this season… and that’s something the Ravens have never had. Defense is still as good as ever.

Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) – Should be 4-0, but a fluke catch by Stokely gave the Broncos a win over the Bengals. Outside of that, Benson has been in college form, the receivers are getting it done, and the defense is the truth.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) – Scary that they’ve lost to the Bengals and Bears. But they’ve not had Troy Polamalu since halftime opening night. Offensively they’ve run great when they tried, pass is sketchy at times.

Cleveland Browns (0-4) – This team is all over the place at the wrong times. Edwards is a disappointment. Jamal Lewis is injured. Defensively they’ve really got nothing at all. Browns are back in the shitter >_>.

AFC South:

Indianapolis Colts (4-0) – Still doing it! Manning & Wayne is a great duo, and they’re shredding it up. Other receivers stepping up with Gonzalez out. Defense is #1 against the pass, playing solid against the run, and that’s without Bob Sanders. Still a favorite.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2) – Garrard is starting to get in a groove, MJD is solid, but could be better. Defensively they’ve got some things they need to work out, but they’re playing exceptionally well.

Houston Texans (2-2) – Inconsistent, but still managing wins (against the Raiders). Slaton hasn’t been a real presence, and Andre Johnson is getting off to a slow start in relation to what he’s done so far in his career. Defense has done okay for the most part, but could and should be better.

Tennessee Titans (0-4) – Many will call them a surprise… I already called that they’d struggle. Without Haynesworth, their DB’s have struggled immensely to perform on par. Offensively, they’ve forgotten they have a rushing attack, and they think Nate Washington is a premiere WR… they’re thinking wrong.

AFC West:

Denver Broncos (4-0) – This is a surprise, however. Should be 3-1 with lucky victory over Bengals, but a win is a win is a win. Brandon Marshall returned strong. Run game is okay. Defense has been spectacular O_O!

San Diego Chargers (2-2) – LT’s career is over, at least in San Diego. Passing game is struggling to find who they are. Defense isn’t helped by Merriman, they’re proving they had a fluke year 2 seasons ago >_>.

Oakland Raiders (1-3) – They started pretty well, week 2 seemed like they had SOMETHING. But since then, they’ve been horrible running, passing, and defending.

Kansas City Chiefs (0-4) – Matt Cassell hasn’t been the answer. Larry Johnson is playing like he doesn’t want to play. D.Bowe has been injured. No tight end. Defensively, I just don’t know how to explain ‘em.

NFC East:

New York Giants (4-0) – The Giants have been impressive. They’ve done well passing the ball. They’re still good running the ball. Defensively they’re plugging guys everywhere and making plays.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) – Lost to the Saints, have played well outside of that. McNabb injured, Kolb stepped in strong, Vick is getting used a bit more. Defensively they’ve performed pretty damn well considering the major losses this year.

Dallas Cowboys (2-2) – Dallas is disappointing. They’re built to be as good running the ball as New York… but they still pass higher than league average, even with a lead or tie. When they run, they’re successful. Defensively, they’ve been forced into more time on the field because of overusing the pass.

Washington Redskins (2-2) – Washington has been great on offense passing. Struggle in the redzone with receivers dropping the ball in the endzone. Defensively they’ve struggled on 3rd downs, but they’ve made some plays, they’re starting to get sacks, and look to be getting back to last years form +more.

NFC North:

Minnesota Vikings (4-0) – This team is incredible, and they displayed against the Packers. Favre is playing just as well as he ever has, maybe even better. Protecting the ball, and putting it in the endzone. AP is still incredible. Defense is just amazing. Allen has a motor, and they’re making plays and shutting people down.

Chicago Bears (3-1) – Lost to the Packers, but they’ve done great outside of that game beating the Steelers and destroying the Lions. They might be better without Urlacher on defense >_>. Cutler has proven to be the man. Forte is a beast of a RB. Olsen is an animal as well.

Green Bay Packers (2-2) – They’ve struggled on offense, giving up sacks, struggling to pass, really struggling to run. Defensively, the 3-4 isn’t what they need to be. They’re not built for this system at all, and they have two corners who belong in a 4-3 playing straight up man.

Detroit Lions (1-3) – Snapped the streak against the Redskins, but have returned to form (after losing Stafford for the game, maybe more). Run game is okay considering. Pass has been pretty good. Defensively they’re playing with a bit of an identity, but still struggling to play like a seasoned group.

NFC South:

New Orleans Saints (4-0) – Best team in football so far! Drew Brees is incredible, the run game is working, every receiver doing their job, and Jeremy Shockey is being who he was supposed to be in this league. Defensively under Gregg Williams, they’re a top defense. Great against pass and run. Sharper leading league in INT’s and he’s got 2 returned for TD’s already.

Atlanta Falcons (2-1) – They’re playing decent, but not as good as last season. Turner is playing like he’s known now… people are aware of who he is. Defensively they haven’t been who they want to be, but have performed well enough.

Carolina Panthers (0-3) – They’re struggling to run. Delhomme is throwing picks like Kurt Warner throws completions >_>. Defensively, they don’t know who the hell they are. Huge disappointment in Carolina.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4) – No offense. Josh Johnson has provided a spark, no clue where they’ll be. When they run, they’re good… but they’ve struggled to call runs. Defensively they started off good against the Redskins, but it looked like Washington fixed their problems, not TB just dominating.

NFC West:

San Francisco 49ers (3-1) – Shaun Hill has been solid. Not incredible, but solid. Vernon Davis playing up to his potential as one of the better Tight Ends. Losing Frank Gore hurt, but he’ll be back. Defensively they’re solid against run AND pass. Enough to improve on, but still solid.

Arizona Cardinals (1-2) – Drafted Beanie Wells to run and they haven’t. Kurt Warner is still as precise as a laser. Fitzgerald has been relatively quiet but still doing his thing. Defense is struggling to find an identity reverting back to dominant 4-3 with some 3-4 schemes at times.

Seattle Seahawks (1-3) – Not good. Hasselback is out with an injury, no clue when/if he comes back. No running game. Seneca Wallace struggling making plays. Defense is falling off from where they were 2 years ago. Aaron Curry showing signs of light, but still making mistakes with rest of D.

St. Louis Rams (0-4) – They may be the most embarrassing team in football >_>. Running game is struggling. Passing game is struggling (Donny Avery disappearing in sophomore slump). Defensively, they’re just horrid left and right. Not even Atogwe is playing up to his potential.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Brett Favre

...the timeless wonder is proving to the Packers that even 2 seasons after they said they didnt believe he could do what he wanted and be successful anymore... he's still as good, if not better, than he was. And he's destroying his former team like it's nothing.

Brett Favre... good luck on making it all 32 teams tonight >_>.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What To Blog About?

I'm a person who is never short on words when it comes to almost anything. But for the life of me, I can't decide what I want to blog about today. There's college football, chicken and cheese quesadillas, and my book.

I suppose I can talk about the progress of my book, but all I really have to say about that is that it's coming along. Long day, sleep cut short last night, but I don't feel tired enough to pass out yet. I don't want to miss these games.

I do want to send my hopes and prayers to those suffering from the Indonesian quake(s), and the Philippine Typhoons. And I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the month in the NFL to see players and fans support Breast Cancer Awareness. If I had the means to get it done, I'd support through the NFL.. but I don't, so I'm looking for an alternative.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Washington Redskins - Where Do We Go From Here?

"Where do we go from here?" That's the question echoing around everything that it the Washington Redskins. Coming off a backbreaking loss to the Detroit Lions, who were 0-19 in the regular season coming into this game... the Redskins need now more than ever to submit to the old saying, "we need to find an identity."

Players are going to tell fans as players always tell fans, "we are out here competing, you all are just fans" and that's true... to an extent. Players know the x's and o's better than any fan... but fans know the struggle, the year in and year out, the unability to purchase expensive tickets so you have to watch from TV, the dependency on a team. The players know the fans are just as, if not more, important than they are. But does Dan Snyder know that?

I won't be one of these people saying we're fielding a bunch of talented guys who are overrated. Not a soul on this team is overrated by any means. The Redskins have plugged more guys at more positions than anyone else, and they've all done reasonably well.

This is a group of guys who don't function as a team, and it's not going to help if Snyder starts terminating contracts and executing trades. Besides, we all know what happens when a former Redskins finds a bond with another team. Stephen Davis made it to the Super Bowl. Antonio Pierce WON a Super Bowl. This is a group of guys who can win more than one Super Bowl, but they need to figure out who is who on this team. There's no room for anyone to be selfish, and that's what I want to address.

Now I, along with probably 100% of Washington Redskins fans, love Clinton Portis. He's a hard, physical runner who changed his game from the shifty, juking game that found him success at The U and in Denver. He's probably the best blocker in the entire league, and he's a damn good receiving back. But Clinton is selfish, and everyone knows that. He wants the ball, as all guys do... and while he's not as bad as Terrell Owens, it's apparent enough in him calling 4th down plays last season to give HIM the draw play. Portis has put his body on the line for this team, but it feels as though he's gotten content, he's happy where he's at, and he's not succeeding for us. I've seen some pretty good blocking, especially in yesterday's game against the Lions, where Portis tripped up, failed to come up on the other side of the line.

I know it's never easy to punch it in at the goalline, even Jerome Bettis has been stifled on goal, but Portis' effort looked like it was non-existant. Portis is a guy who runs people over and keeps his legs moving. Instead he went low trying to slide it in, and let his legs submit. I'd love to keep Clinton, but perhaps Washington NEEDS a new back, or a true 1-2 punch. Betts has all but remembered how to play football, he's been extremely disappointing, and Portis needs a guy who can spell him, and keep him fresh. This team wants to pass, and they've done decent at it, and it feels like Portis is unhappy not being given the chance to go for 2,000 yards.

This team appears to be dead-set on close games. All this tells me is that there isn't the heart of a warrior. Campbell doesn't trust the young guys yet, as he's really only going to Sellers, Moss, and Cooley in the endzone. It's time to show these young tall guys you wanted that you trust 'em. Screw a play-call from Zorn, you did better on your own, Jason! But Jason's been on fire, and I think he's the furthest from the problem... he's our savior. He deserves a new contract to be the franchise quarterback of the Washington Redskins. Eli did far worse until the playoff stretch leading to the SuperBowl, and now he's the richest QB in the league.

An O-Line. Heyer & Rinehart looked good together on the right. Samuels and Dockery looked good on the left. Rabach is small and handles his business. But this line is split into three parts on the field, and nobody sacrifices to block two guys on a blitz. Just like the offense is divided into 4 parts. A separated line, a quarterback, the running backs, the receivers. They need to be an offense... not tectonic plates.

The defensive line is under a lot of scrutiny, but with Orakpo and Haynesworth added, it'll take time, not be immediate. Redskins fans want immediate results more than Snyder does, and because of that, Snyder will get rid of someone too early. A coaching staff and offensive scheme takes years to learn and master. It's why the Giants, Colts, Patriots, Steelers, etc. all succeed. They take the good WITH the bad, and show patience. Zorn is still a new coach, and the team is still trying to learn his gameplan.

The linebackers are good. We might have the best three linebackers in a group.

The secondary... Hall hasn't done bad. Rogers hasn't done bad. But these guys are trying to be playmakers, and not play the way they found success. PRESS COVERAGE! Carlos is one of the best press-corners in the league, and it'll do him more good than bad in this contract year. Hall is a better press corner than he thinks, and until we get that pressure that comes with trust and time, he needs to play that way. Safeties have done well, in my honest opinion.

But the defense, too, is divided. There's no group-feel to the defense.

Then one of the things I have a major problem with, is the 5 man rush to block field goals... if someone runs a fake, they deserve it. But let's try to block the hell out of 'em!

And let's be Redskins! Warriors! People who fight with pride, for their tribe! People who put the tribe before themselves. Until we learn what it means to be Redskins, we won't be Redskins, and we'll continue to remain in this funk.

And if it means uniting to overthrow the chief (Dan Snyder), then let's do it. Because as a life-long Redskin... I'm sickened by the way we're acting!

Hail to the Redskins! Let's hail teamwork...

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Madden Curse Is Halfway Complete...

Larry Fitzgerald wasn't sweating the curse. He said on the subject before that he doesn't believe in curses, and he makes his own luck. He's not the first guy who said that of the Madden Curse though, and year after year, all have fallen.

On Opening Night- NFL Kickoff, Troy Polamalu (who shares half of the cover for Madden NFL 10, injured his knee and didn't return to the field. Now the speculation is that he could miss anywhere from 3-6 weeks of football with a sprained ligament in his knee.

For those unaware of what exactly the Madden curse is - people believe that players on the cover of Madden get injured the season they're featured. Mike Vick broke his leg, McNabb had a total of 36 injuries (many internal), Ray Lewis fractured his wrist, and Brett Favre tore tendons in his throwing arm. Now the speculation with half of the curse coming true for Polamalu, is that it's just a matter of time before Fitzgerald suffers an injury. But the curse isn't just half complete, it just states that the individual on the cover will get injured, and one of them did, so the curse lives on even if Fitzgerald doesn't get hurt.

But if he does get injured... everyone's eyes will open wider, and more players will probably learn that your luck may be made by yourself, but it gets influenced greatly by other details. So Larry, here's hoping you don't fall victim to the curse as well... good luck!


Congratulations to His Airness on his Hall of Fame induction! Another historic night for a legend who redefined the history of professional basketball, and sports for that matter.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's been some time since we've had regular season football, and things in the NFL have shaken up quite a bit this offseason/pre-season. The Giants have nearly completely re-tooled their entire offense, the Patriots have shipped out vets for new vets, the Raiders may have ended Crabtree's career before it got started, and the Redskins dished out money for big names like usual. Point being, these franchises tend to do this stuff regularly, and well, the Redskins only added improvement from last year, not decreased their ability to provide. The line is arguably better behind Derrick Dockery who returned from Buffalo. The young receivers are hitting a stride that you expected last year, but you can't always have homerun hitting rookies. And the addition of Marcus Mason at Running Back is sure to give us a big weapon if he lives up to what fans think is all-around natural talent.

Defensively, adding Haynesworth is going to provide better pass-rush from all over, and allow a 5-man blitz with LaRon Landry who can cover man-to-man to do just that, so that we still have a zone defender, and we can get to the QB. Orakpo can play all over the field, and the Redskins feel they have a lot of Linebackers/DE's who can play the hybrid switch (I'm still hoping to switch to a 3-4 at some point in the next couple of years, and it seems likely if the Cowher rumors are really true).

Where I am concerned though, is every year we say we've got something left to prove. And a lot of these guys say they bonded through the tragic death of Safety Sean Taylor... well I hope they realized he spent his professional life as a Redskin, and if you want to honor him, you go and win one as a Redskin and send a ring home to his family.

It's time to put the pieces together, put your pride behind you, and go in with every intention of gathering yourselves as a team. Pick guys up from the field. Hold your heads high after a mistake. Go out and capitalize. Have FUN! But more importantly than all that... play every single down like you'll never play again, because that's the only way you'll ever exceed your abilities.

So what I'm hoping to see is 11 men on every play going all in. If we're in a field-goal block formation - all 11 guys better go in for the block, because you don't overwhelm 6 on 9. When we have a punt return, 10 guys better block with all they have to get Randle-El, Moss, Hall, or whoever else is returning punts at least 10 yards up the field. And then I want to see guys really put their bodies on the line going over the middle. This is professional football, and the great teams have selfless players who put a 6 yard grab on 3rd and 10 over the middle ahead of everything else. You make your money and win championships by doing just that. If you don't want a championship, I don't care if you're the best player in the league... you're not going to win one, and I don't want you, no matter who you are, representing a team I've clutched my chest for year after year.

So Hail To The Redskins! And good luck to the other 28 teams around the league (I show no love to the Cowboys, Giants, or Eagles) this season.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kerry Rhodes Interview

I recently conducted an interview with New York Jets Safety, Kerry Rhodes, and am pleased to be able to post it here on the site. I hope you all enjoy this one.

Alright Kerry, how are you feeling (physically and mentally) about yourself and the team heading into the upcoming (2009-10) season?
- I feel good about where we left off after minicamps and the outlook for the season for us definitely is one we are excited about.

How have you spent your offseason outside of OTA’s so far?
- I did some traveling outside of the country and that was great and I have also been on my grind with my own personal trainer and feel real good.

How does it feel to be working under Coach Ryan? And what does it mean to have someone who has been that dominant in defensive coaching guiding you into this season and hopefully more?
- Coach Ryan has been great so far. He gives us so much freedom to be the people we are and I think that’s a great trait to have to be a successful head coach in this league, so he has been great. And having a guy that’s a defensive guy makes you not want to disappoint and that’s how we feel.

You stepped up vocally during the entire Favre retirement debate situation and voiced your opinions, but you’re generally a quiet guy; how has that situation reflected in the locker room for you?
- People respect when others step up to the plate and voice your opinion only if you are a guy that is respected first and foremost, and I think I am one of those guys that is respected. (I was voted captain so I think that speaks for itself.)

You’ve probably had a better look at Mark Sanchez than others may have. What is the most important standout about the guy that you’ve seen so far?
- Just his approach with everything that has been thrown at him. He knows how to handle the media and he knows how to fit in with his teammates as well, so he’s plus 2 in my book just from those qualities! AS FAR AS PLAY we will see here coming up in a few days!

In today’s league, safety is one of the most crucial positions and there’s a lot of glimmering talent in the likes of Polamalu, Reed, Wilson, Sanders, Landry, etc. How does Kerry Rhodes define himself amongst this group?
- All the guys u have mentioned are good and what’s funny about it is that we all do stuff better than the other and that’s what makes it so hard to define the best safety in the game, because we all are different.

Who are some of your biggest influences past and present, in the league (players and coaches)?
- I was a Steve Young fan and as far as coach it would have to be my first coach Herm Edwards.

Your size is obviously one of your most intimidating qualities; have you thought of moving up to linebacker for situational purposes?
- I do come up in the box and people always mess with me in the offseason workouts cuz that’s when I’m my biggest (muscle wise) and they tease me by calling me line backer.

What is your favorite positional matchup? Do you enjoy facing WR’s, TE’s, or occasionally a back?
- I like when I face slot WR’s because they think they gone kill, but when I shut them down (occasionally) lol I’m pumped.

And to carry on, who is your favorite player to line up and play against? A guy who you know that also knows you probably just as well and always puts up a good game against you?
- That player for me is Tom Brady. We always talk a lil b4 the game and I always tell him to throw me a pick but he never obliges!

Well Kerry, it’s been my pleasure to host this interview with you, and hopefully we can follow up later in the year. Any last words for the Kerry Rhodes and Jets fans?
- Jet fans get ready for a great ride this year and stay positive and back us all year!!!

Thanks a lot Kerry. Best of luck this season!

Any re-publication of this interview without permission from myself or Mr. Kerry Rhodes is not allowed and will be dealt with through the proper channels. If you want to post this interview elsewhere, please contact me for details, and you must directly link back to this blog post.

R.I.P. Jim Johnson

As you all can see from my previous blog post, I paid my respects and wished well Coach Jim Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles. I was truly saddened to learn yesterday that Jim Johnson passed away at the age of 68 to his battle with cancer. My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to his family, the Philadelphia Eagles, players and coaches who have worked directly with him, and the entire NFL who had to deal with playing against his schemes or just are a part of that family. I hope the NFL does the right thing and finally puts a defensive coordinator into the Hall of Fame, as he is truly deserving of such an honor. One of the best to ever do what he did. May he Rest In Peace.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Respected Enemy Troubled

This is a column I wrote over on a Redskins blog site, and the link can be found here:

Just so you know this is legit and back from a while ago... figured I'd post it here in light of the Philadelphia Eagles signing a new defensive coordinator in Johnson's absence.

As a fan of football, we’re conditioned and groomed to almost “loathe” those who oppose us. If a great leaves our team or organization, returning cloaked in enemy colors… we don’t share the same love as we once did in our days of battle with that person.

But no matter how much we may not like an opponent, many, especially those in our own division, are respected evenly to all in our very own organization. And those of us who share in fandom of the sport, not just our favorite organization, we respect the few who show class, respect, and love for their own teams, their opponents, and the game itself.

As a Redskins fan myself, I’m saddened to hear about Jim Johnson’s current status in his personal life. Even as an “Eagles hater”, I’ve always enjoyed watching Johnson’s defenses on Sundays (or Mondays or Thursdays, or even Saturdays). I appreciate what goes into a good defense, but even more-so, I respect those who consistently remain among the elite. Jim Johnson is perhaps one of the top 5 defensive coordinators in the history of the NFL. A guy who many would argue should always have been a Head Coach… he’s remained loyal to his craft and goal to be one of the best defensive coordinators in NFL history.

Mentioned with the likes of a Dick LeBeau, Monte Kiffin, Jim Schwartz, etc., Johnson is highly respected and admired. His defenses have ranked in the top 5 in almost every statistical category (including overall defense) in each of his years as a defensive coordinator for the Eagles, and are among the best ever over a stretch of seasons in comparison to other coaches throughout NFL history.

My hope, especially considering the level of competition his schemes produce and the fact that an offense that beats his defense can consider themselves a good offense, is that Johnson ends up healthy, out of his wheelchair, and back to doing what he does best (and better than most). Get well soon Jim Johnson!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Look At Washington Redskins Defense, Possible 3-4

Looking at the depth chart for the Redskins defense, I see a glaring possibility of this team moving to a 3-4 Scheme. Greg Blache has used 3-4 schemes in the past (particularly with the Bears) but still remained faithful to a 4-3 and 46 Scheme. But the Redskins have weapons which would match with any 3-4 in the league, including the Steelers and Ravens (prior to this upcoming season).

We start at DE, and Andre Carter is a great pressure-guy, who is more powerful than he's given credit for. On the opposing side, you can shift between the veteran Philip Daniels, young Chris Wilson (who is also showing signs of taking to OLB), and then the young rookie Brian Orakpo. All of these guys are physical, the younger 2 of them also being a lot quicker than average DE's.

Then at DT - arguably one of the best in Albert Haynesworth. The guy is an animal, and if he plays to form, he'd be double or triple teamed constantly. Alongside him, Cornelius Griffin (known mainly for his ability as a run-stuffer), and the young, huge duo of Kedric Golston and Anthony Montgomery (both of these kids are bulls, and have a bit of speed for their size).

Then we move to OLB... and the glaring light there is Rocky McIntosh, who is silently building himself as one of the better OLB's in the NFC East, if not the league. On the other side, as I mentioned before, you throw Brian Orakpo out there, and hope he learns how to stop the run as well as he can rush the passer (and with OLB's leading in sacks in recent seasons, there's no reason to believe he won't shine just as well on physical skill alone).

At MLB, you have the games most underappreciated and overlooked in London Fletcher, who has logged more tackles in a span of years than any other player in the NFL, and rarely missing even a down. With him comes a guy who is a physical clone in youth to Fletcher, who has experience in the OLB position, but would definitely shine with Fletcher-esque stats in the middle, creating a duo of havoc.

At Corner.. Carlos Rogers has proved to be one of the better strap corners in the league, and has covered some of the leagues most diverse and talented receivers in his career (TO and Plaxico twice every year). Aside from his issues with catching the ball... Carlos may be in the top tier of corners in the league. Across from him, you can plug either DeAngelo Hall (who has proved he can play the zone coverage a lot of 3-4's apply), or Fred Smoot, who could be a #2 on many teams in the league. With the front 7 the Redskins have... these corners (and even young Kevin Barnes out of Maryland) could easily fill the role.

At Safety, we have a guy who fits into the Rodney Harrison, Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed category by physical ability in LaRon Landry, and he's at FS, not SS. Kareem Moore could easily fill either position with his incredible speed, size, and hard hitting... but you still have Chris Horton who has proved he can ball-hawk, stuff the run, cover a receiver or TE, or even blitz the QB.

There's no telling if it'll even be hinted at this upcoming season, but this defense seems to have been built methodically in hopes of the transition, and may even be used to flirt with the 3-4 Chin... Bill Cowher, if Jim Zorn doesn't work out.

How do you feel about the chance of the Redskins transferring to a 3-4 scheme, and what do you think they'd need to overhaul or just slightly tweak?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Twittering Live Everyday

Hey everyone, just updating to let you know that you can follow me live on Twitter, HERE.

If you choose to follow me, just hit me up, let me know you're following from the link on my blog, and I'll accept requests to follow back. Trying to gather a large following hoping to give updates on life, my literature in the works, when new blogs are posted, live thoughts on sports, etc.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Opening Blog

Sean here postin' the first blog since I've had this set up. Currently in the hunt for my Blackberry so I can have a phone tha does what I need/want it to do. Also sitting here suffering from sunburn I got from bein' out mowing the field today. Least I wasn't pushing a mower, otherwise I'd be on the verge of death. Louisiana sun is a killer, and I'm hopin' I don't end up with skin cancer.

Anyways, I just wanted to get this started up so people have something to follow here via my blog.

Sly (SeanB.) Stilla