Monday, May 10, 2010

4 Teams To Watch For This Upcoming NFL Season

Obviously not those who were in the conference championships last year. I believe, with the exception of the Jets, we could be ready to watch the Colts, Saints, and Vikings repeat their runs.

The team that should strike the most fear into everyone is the Baltimore Ravens. They've revamped their defense, giving the linebackers incredible bulk in front of them, which should create more space for possibly the most dangerous blitzing football team in the history of the league. Anquan Boldin's addition and Ray Rice's maturity also provide the comfort Baltimore has been looking for, and should make the offense consistently good throughout the entire season.

Oakland Raiders - a team that strikes fear in the heart of nobody. Sure they may have a cog or two whom the opposition won't test - but this year, I think they've been blessed to strike oil. Holding perhaps the most impressive draft and stepping away from Al Davis' normal approach, the team seems to be in the hands of someone who can build, and with Jason Campbell at the helm in an offense fit for his strengths, there's no telling how high the roof is for the Raiders.

Washington Redskins, bias, favoritism... nope. This is a team everyone has called talented enough to win it for years. This is a team that, under Shanahan, may be able to utilize that talent into teamwork. McNabb has fought with less to get more than what Washington has tasted in the last 19 years. The defense is in a scheme now where they can play off instinct and pressure, and not off of calculated pre-snap destination.

The final team I'd watch out for, the Carolina Panthers. These guys were there, and had a rough year. They lost Julius Peppers, but Carolina has always been known to find gems at DE. There's a strong chance they can really make some things happen, especially if my gut is correct in telling me that Clausen will be the starter for the Panthers this season.