Saturday, May 15, 2010

Growing Problems...

I'm reaching out for help from any and all sciences and medical professionals who may be able to help me on my quest to prove that diabetes and obesity are directly linked to the addition of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as a replacement for all natural cane sugar in foods and soft drinks.

Consumption of these products has not risen in this span, but the consumption of HFCS due to it's replacing sugars has risen significantly (accounts suggest 1000% between 1970-1990) and that's before the main switch over in soft drinks Pepsi and Coca Cola.

In my recent travels to England and France, I noticed obesity is nowhere near the problem it is here in the United States. People tend to walk a bit more for travel/recreation, but I noticed consumption of fattening drinks (beer included) is about equal. Foods contain real sugar, and not HFCS, which is also alarming.

In a very simple and logistic explanation - HFCS acts as a sludge to the human body, clogging everything inside of you. Meanwhile, sugar tends to create hyperactivity, something which HFCS was hoped to curb. In turn, the United States has become less active, and more overweight - two things considered much more dangerous problems than hyperactivity, which we now long for greatly.

I hope to prove that sugar has no better alternate - and that we may be able to save the United States and it's youth. Of course sugar is still a high link with diabetes - but that's why exercise is still important, and should not be ignored. In proving this, my hope is to overrule PepsiCo and Coca Cola Co. into shifting back to using real sugar, and not a HFCS based sweetener in its place.