Friday, July 30, 2010

Driving & The Idiots Who Do It

Okay, so on my way home from Starbucks today (pulling out of the parking lot to be precise). Now, it's a short road to get back to the interstate, turning right out of parking lot and getting over into the left lane.

A truck driver waived me out, so I started to pull out and signaled to get further over to the left lane. First lady was talking on phone, sped up, wouldn't let me over. Second lady, same deal. Finally someone was going to let me over, when the idiot girl in the car behind me who jumped out of the Starbucks parking lot right after me, jumped over and took my spot getting over.

The two women who sped up to not let me over were both getting onto the interstate. The lady behind me who jumped out on my spot and cut me off, instead of having to turn left onto the interstate, was just going straight (which the right lane does).

I've said for years that everyone is just in a hurry to go nowhere. So much so, that the stop at Starbucks consumes so much of this time that they don't actually need, that they have to cause everyone else a few more seconds of trouble in their own trip to nowhere. All it does is piss everyone else off along with you being so miserable that 3 seconds was taken out of your trip to wait for someone to get over into the next lane on a short road so that they could get onto the interstate instead of driving out of the way to turn around and come back.

People do not appreciate their lives or the world in which their lives serve some God-given significance to the universe. These people would much rather focus on their cell-phone than to drive safely and wise (I ended up passing both of the cell users within a half mile on the interstate and lost them in my rearview, without speeding). They would much rather pull a stupid move to cut you off in your lane-change to go straight when you needed that lane change in order to make your turn.

All I'm saying is, take a few seconds to realize that losing a few seconds in your day to help everything move smooth for everyone else will only make things move smooth for you as well.

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