Friday, July 30, 2010

Reminiscing (v.England & France)

Okay, so in an effort to get a scrapbook of my trip together, I'm going through pictures of the vacation and memories are flaring up left and right. To point out the obvious, it's amazing what photographs can capture. It's more than just an image, it's capturing a moment which triggers the memory of a series of moments. Looking through this folder, I'm pretty much reliving every moment of the trip.

I didn't get to partake in visiting every major landmark, and definitely not even half of the things worthy of visiting in London, or France for that matter. As a result of going back to the flat before rushing back out, I missed my opportunity to visit one of my favorite landmarks in Tower Bridge (we crossed it on bus plenty, but didn't go up in it to cross it at the top). We didn't walk on board the H.M.S. Belfast, or suffer in line (even in April) for Madame Tussauds. We didn't risk passing out waiting to buy tickets only to wait longer to take the lift up the Eiffel Tower, nor did we walk into the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Back in London, we didn't walk across the Millenium Bridge or witness the Changing of the Guards.

Needless to say, I've still got plenty to do when I return to England. And instead of a weekend, I think a day trip is in order for France (there's only so many beggars with default signs I can handle).

For anyone who is trying to decide whether to take these trips or not, if you've got the means, please just do it. From someone who actually never considered leaving the country, let alone choosing France as one of the places I'd be going... I can assure you that I know you'd regret never going if you've got the opportunity. If even just to common around and shop and not really visit the historical landmarks... both countries are still incredible and breathtaking.

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