Saturday, August 28, 2010

Afterthoughts: NY Jets vs. Washington Redskins

I was really impressed with the Redskins performance last night, overall. There were some poor throws, some critical dropped passes, and a couple bad performances along the offensive line (see snap to Grossman on the safety).

Defensively, the Redskins played brilliant football. Every man was responsible for his gap. Playing against the #1 rushing offense in football from a season ago, to see the Redskins play their gaps, and attack at the line with the free man was a thing of beauty. On LaDanian Tomlinson's long rush play, LaRon Landry botched his tackle with a bad angle on LT's cut-back in that zone-blocking scheme. Our front-7 did their job, and the corners got out and made the play downfield (which they didn't do well last season). Landry knew the bulk of that run was his fault. The team strapped down and limited those mistakes the rest of the game.

Coverage was strong, and the team didn't allow many yards after the catch. A lot of "exotic" blitzes for a preseason game, but still rather vanilla. Good to see that the overload paid off, a couple sacks, and forcing some horrible throws.

DeAngelo Hall's interception shows not only how comfortable he is in this defense, but with his teammates in this defense. Hall focused on his duties on the play, recognized his zone was covering two men, and had confidence in his safety help over the top. He was able to read both routes and keep his eyes locked on Sanchez's eyes, and jumped the underneath route and brought the ball out from inside to 10 to the 43.

It's obvious the team still has work to do in all facets, and we shouldn't be anywhere near as comfortable as say, the Colts, going into the last week of preseason and starting the regular season in primetime against the Dallas Cowboys; but there's enough to show that we're fully capable of being that go-get-'em team and have plenty of opportunity to be successful immediately.

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