Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brain Cells vs. Star Wars

More precisely, Star Wars Episode V... when Luke is attacked by the Wampa and lost in the snowy desert of Hoth.

My uncle, yesterday having a few beers at a friend's place for a little get-together, reminded me of something my father used to say. His reference was towards a character he knew "back-in-the-day" that was a little off. A friend, Andy, had concluded that the man had two brain cells, because it takes one to be lost, and one to collide with it and have a thought. *Pardon if I've slaughtered it at all. If I have, who the Hell cares besides my uncle? He'll come in, correct it (humorously I might add) in a comment, and we'll all be far better off and no further along than prior anyways having read his brilliant comment >_>!*

My father always insisted, "I've got at least two brain cells... one got lost, and the other got lost looking for it." It took me until yesterday to find a parallel in film (albeit not perfect, but good enough). Anyone not familiar with Star Wars (damn you chumps!) need only know of the aforementioned attack on Luke after he wandered off to investigate what he thought was a meteor, when he was attacked. Han Solo abandoned his departure of the island in hopes to pay off his debt, to go search for Luke. Luke had escaped from the Wampa's cave with his Jedi Mind Trick, and ventured out into a blizzard, collapsing. Han finds Luke half-conscious, and rescues him... but is now lost himself. The trip back would be far too dangerous, they must wait for a pilot to find and pick them up the following morning.

Now I'm not suggesting one of my father's two brain-cells were attacked by a Wampa and lost in a blizzard, while the other is knight in bad-ass-vest Han Solo... but perhaps my father's able to do Jedi Mind Tricks (since his focus is very limited due to the lack of other brain cells) like that idiot Luke Skywalker.

Here's hoping I never have to see my father in ballerina pants, cowboy boots, and a Gi >_>.

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