Friday, August 20, 2010

Just An Update...

...sorry I've been absent. Stress, and possibly illness, has run it's course with me over the last two and a half weeks. *Knock on wood* I think it's safe to say I'm starting to recover, but last time I thought that, I ended up going to the doctor to be sure I was alright enough to not be laid up in a hospital bed with a drip.

Needless to say, it HAS been an interesting two weeks (not just the illness). The first week was spent dealing with loss, but trying to enjoy myself and the surrounding of family (which I'll get to later). The past week and a half, I've spent with my aunt, uncle, and their two children. I have to take this time out to thank them for their hospitality, and whether they know it or not, giving me the honor of loafing around a bit while I try to recover from whatever it is/was that's truly bugging me. So much can be said about how they're only doing what family is supposed to do (something I personally believe I know all about)... but even still, I PERSONALLY know family who wouldn't go out on a limb (or paved ground even) to loan a family member a bottle of water (not that family should even loan, they should just give with blessing).

So I'm forever grateful to my uncle sticking to his word about keeping me comfortable in his own home until I leave Louisiana. He's not once griped at me for drinking all the 7-Up, or his water, hogging the television or taking up space and restricting some of his everyday privacy. And in the same light, forever grateful to my aunt for the same.

It's been a real treat though, to spend time with my (soon-to-be) 3 year old, and 1 month and some change, cousins. Through the last 18 months, I've seen the elder quite a bit, but not as much as 10-minutes apart should be seen... due to the situation in which I was brought here. I've had fun seeing him in his everyday demeanor, and feel great in knowing that the "baby"-"evil" genius is WELL on his way to taking over the world.

The younger does everything a 1 month old does... nothing special but everything spectacular... and I've enjoyed my time spent burping him, feeding him, having him fall asleep on my shoulder. It's been an incredible way to consume my mind and thought process and help me to relax and enjoy the things I may have been taking for granted.

I'll add to the blog again soon (hopefully tomorrow) and want you all to know that I am doing alright considering.

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