Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thoughts On Redskins vs. Ravens

Not a great performance by any measure. Several players made some key plays, but several players made nothing. But I have to chalk it up to building some character. We looked like a team with a hand tied behind it's back vs. a gang of ruthless savages... which was somewhat expected.

Now, I'm no member of the coaching staff, and you never want to see 0 touchdowns put up by your team in a game, but I also believe that our preseason gameplan is nothing of indication as to what to expect come time for the regular season. There's no way Mike Shanahan is giving any opposing team enough footage to study yet... especially considering we open the regular season, Sunday Night prime-time Football, against our greatest rival - The Dallas Cowboys. The element of surprise is key.

I've seen very little of this Chris Cooley/Fred Davis on the field at the same time gameplan that the Shanahan's have hinted at, and I see a defense still trying to staple down their timing with their aggressiveness.

I'm not, however, indicating that we didn't get our asses kicked. So many opportunities got left on the field tonight, and so many opportunities got ripped right from our grasp. Poor tackling, poor passing, poor route-running, poor blocking... but it gives us something on tape to study the wrong, and seek improvement. It's very difficult to fix that which you cannot diagnose.

So while I refuse to take the route of saying, "it doesn't matter, it's just the preseason", I must say, it doesn't matter, it's the preseason... and we've got time to diagnose and treat our problems.

As far as Albert Haynesworth... how do the back-strapless sandals tend to go? Flip... flop... flip... flop.......... STOP this seesaw trash!

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