Sunday, August 29, 2010

Uncommon Sense Pt. I

2010! We’re just about 2/3 of the way finished with this year. We’re just under 66% of the 365(¼) days in our year. And we’re at a point in human history where we’ve mastered and become dependent as a majority on technology. We’re also as far removed from our instincts as possible.

In today’s world, it’s wrong to dish out your own punishment and behead a man for committing crime against you and your children. It has become despicable to challenge a man to a duel (no, not the shooting kind… the kind where you glovesmack a motherfucker). It’s now considered lewd, vulgar, immoral, perverted, and doggish to have sexual thoughts of someone of the opposite sex (it’s always been in the wrong to have gay thoughts, whether I agree with that or not is irrelevant so don’t get mad at me, continue your parades and fights against those who do believe that way, who am I to hide reality from the readers and not enlighten the ignorant?).

The point I will be making is that not only is it human instinct to do these things… it’s been a mission by the planet to rid humanity of their basic survival instincts. In today’s world, even scouts get ignored by the Chief in Arms, the President… that has completely limited the support these individuals are due to receive.

I do not condone cheating, so let us first get that out of the way. However, when a man sees a woman, he is eyeing her up to determine whether she would be fit to reproduce for him. This is not a perverse action (it has been scientifically proven that women decide within 5 minutes of meeting a man whether she would ever have sexual intercourse with him or not) rather, it’s an action of survival, and uncontrollable (well, we thought) human instinct. Women, law, and government have all made it out to be immoral (and almost criminal) for a man to grow (yes… innuendo) an attraction (yes, hard-on) to a woman when he sees her out and about. Women on the other-hand, make it all the easier for a man to grow (yes… innuendo) an attraction (yes, hard-on) to them… by displaying in full glory their curves, cleavage, legs (in a miniskirt damn near up to the point of) witnessing vagina (err… love) at first sight.

Now to breakdown the mindstate of a man when witnessing one of these deviant goddesses… (see what I did there? An insult followed by a compliment!). Cleavage determines for a man whether the woman would be fit to nurture his child, providing it with enough nourishment to grow strong and healthy (yes, even you binder-chested slu… err… females). Hips suggest to a man that you would be able to carry his seed not only safely, but comfortably so as not to produce a child with any defects. Your ass suggests… well… I’m not sure really, but it’s very nice to look at with the evolution of the female figure… ass is incredible during sex.

We’re so far into our line of life that every woman on this planet could attract any man. You’re one in a long line of females in your family, one of the furthest along. You’ve got what none of your ancestors had before you in evolution. Men recognize these things subconsciously and grow (yes… innuendo) an attraction (yes, hard-on) to you.

Now on to technology – we’re fucked. Government is still granting us the right to hunt, but the thrill is still being extremely limited year after year. Hunting should be an experience where the males of a tribe (or family) go out for a few days and teach their children the rules of nature and the ways of survival. A kill should be celebrated over a feast of that kill. If electricity were to be taken from us, the world would go to shit. People would not know how to go find their own food, hunting. Other people would kill you for hunting on “their” territory.

So I say unto you, do the wise and noble thing! Let a man grow his attraction to a woman and not be judged as a perverted dog (no men, don’t take advantage and grope or rape women). Let us hunt and bond! And let the world continue to grow on its natural path, because that’s the way we got here in the first place! A man should be allowed to be a man!


  1. Yup. Survival skills are important, and we should know how to survive without high-tech creature comforts, just in case "the shit goes down." We should even know how to hunt without guns, in case we run out of bullets. If you don't know how, learn, then teach your children. It will be better to know and never to need these skills, than not to know them should the need ever arise.