Thursday, September 30, 2010

House M.D

I don't know about the rest of you, but I was extremely excited about the current season. On a side note, I very rarely follow the UK release dates but follow the dates in the US, I find no point in waiting if lovely people are willing to upload the episodes for me!

Anyway, I've wanted Cuddy and House to get together since the start, and I was desperate to see how it pans out. I find myself more intrigued about their relationship and how it's going to develop than the actual medical/patient aspect to it now. I haven't been disappointed so far. I liked the way it's changed House, but I didn't like the effect it had on his craziness and the way he practised medicine. Then he burst and they fought, but it didn't ruin their relationship and I love it. It shows that sometimes you have to be that same person despite your status in a relationship. After all, you can't change too dramatically or the person who fell in love with you won't see the person they fell for any more.

(30-09) Daily Like And Dislike

My like(s) for the day would be.. free wall planners, which organise my university life perfectly and lovely bus drivers. The type who stop for you when they see you running for the bus, even though no one else is getting on or off. Also those that wave at you as they drive by after you've gotten off.

My dislike(s) for the day would be.. opening a fresh box of cereal and splitting the packet so the cereal goes everywhere in the box, and air gets to it. My other dislike for the day is lecture theatres, I didn't enjoy the clamminess and lack of air conditioning/windows or the uncomfortable chairs which have given me backache now.

(30-09) Soundtrack To My Day

The soundtrack to my day today has to have been Taio Cruz - Dynamite. I couldn't go anywhere without hearing it. As with most of his songs, it's mad catchy!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[9/29]Track of the Day

Track Title: Fuck You

Artist: Cee-Lo Green

Thoughts: This song is just... incredible. Cee-Lo is an amazing artist, and this track continues to display that. Lyrically, he says everything that needs to be said, and his vocal game is crazy. Great beat, catchy as hell...


Greg Giraldo Dead At 44 From Accidental Overdose

Before I start, I need to remind people that we don't speak often of people until they're gone because we don't expect to have to say our last thoughts on them when they're here...

Greg Giraldo was/is one of my favorite comedians from Comedy Central's Roasts. I believe him to have been the undisputed king of the Roasts, and there are people who know I've felt this way for a long time. While I don't expect this post to be the ultimate tribute to the man or anything like that - I feel I need to speak something on the subject while it's fresh, matters, and is being searched >_>.

Anyone with half a sense of humor who ever watched one of the roasts, probably laughed themselves breathless because of the guy. His humor was raw, witty, and oftentimes over the edge... which is why I, myself, crowned him the King of Roasts. Comedy shouldn't know limits, and jokes shouldn't be censored. We shouldn't bind jokes with race, sexuality, religion, etc. This was a man who understood that jokes are jokes (a joke is NOT a direct reflection of one's personal opinion). Yeah, you can go too far with some people, everyone has a limit, but I appreciate even the jokes that piss me off because I know someone out there is going to laugh about it.

So Greg; enjoy the throne in Heaven, where you get to fuck with all the dead motherfuckers who didn't get to sit on stage in front of you... rest in peace!

Pent Up Stress

Stressful people can stress you out; and if I didn’t know that before, I know it now.

[Just kidding, I knew it…]

Anyways, I’m at that point where I feel it swell up in my chest – and I want severely to just release the anger within, because I know if I don’t, that anger is going to find a way to spread like a fucking cancer until I do some insane shit. I want to hit something or someone… or go somewhere and scream; but I can’t do that. Punching a pillow isn’t going to settle anything for me, although I suppose I could always invoke the lowest of low and hit my 3-year old cousin… but I’m too far removed from those forms of violence that I’d probably kill myself if I did that. On the other hand, if I unleash the scream that I need to, chances are the police will show up promptly to have a chat with me… and if not them, then the psych ward. But my scream would be intended to prevent me from doing something later on to land me in those situations rightfully.

And posting this wasn’t the help I thought it would be…

…okay, where the fuck did that dog go!?

(29-09) Daily Like And Dislike

My like for the day would be.. rediscovering my iPod, I finally found it, charged it up and started listening to the songs I listened to back in April, and it brought back the memories of the person I shared an earphone with. I really do need to update it though, if I'm honest, it probably hasn't been updated for a year.. I'll get round to it, I just need some decent music to put onto it as I've been slipping lately.

My dislike for the day would be.. those people who try to use long/fancy words, but fail miserably at spelling them.

Going Senile

I'm honestly starting to worry. I think I'm going senile at the grand old age of 20. The whole of last night, after turning off my laptop, I thought to myself "Oh no, I totally didn't blog about that event, and it was such a fun time". But now for the life of me I can't remember what I actually did yesterday. Prior to writing this post I was sat here for 10 minutes trying to recall. As I type this tiny shreds of information is starting to return. It's awful. I hate not being able to remember. It also worries me that soon enough my brain will be pushing out old information as I'm reaching the age of apparent brain saturation.

Well, when I remember, I'll post about it, until then, I need to find a way to train my memory. My second year of university isn't looking so great right now. Hopefully this is just a temporary spell of really bad forgetfulness.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Although this film has been out for over a month, today was the first time opportunity I had to see it. I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it though.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure about it. I haven’t read the comics so I had no real expectation, but having wanted to see the film since the day it came out, I built up some hype of my own in my head. One of my friends who had seen it said that if I enjoyed Kick-Ass I would love this film. I did think Kick-Ass was better, but then again, I had better company when I saw Kick-Ass.

I liked the idea of the film, I think it was slightly slow at the start then rushed towards the end. The ending itself, I found myself unsure of the way I wanted it to finish. As with most films nowadays, there was a love interest, well, two in fact, and I found myself split with the direction I wanted the ending to go.

It was fun nonetheless and I’d recommend seeing it if it’s the genre you’re interested in and if you like the actors in it.

Don't Laugh, People...

We've decided to change the name of the blog today to something less personable in hopes of increasing popularity, marketing, and promotion.

The premise of the new title is much the same as any other great idea (not the ones that come from sitting upon the throne)... random, spur of the moment. It's related to the book (autobiography) I'm writing thanks to a friend of my aunt & uncle. He'd crack a very inappropriate joke left and right, and he'd always look to me to tell me "Don't Laugh, Sean"® and that's where this all came about.

While I won't be doing everything out of sarcasm, and still discussing EVERYTHING, I want people to know that when I do make jokes, inappropriate or not, it's okay to laugh at each and every one of them.

And if you find a situation in my life to be humorous when I seem ticked off, just remind me in the comments to laugh it off...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 3 Prediction Results

Results prior to this week:

Enigma: 19-13
Sean: 17-15

Tennessee > NY Giants
Pittsburgh > Tampa Bay
Cincinnati > Carolina
Cleveland < Baltimore
Dallas > Houston
San Francisco < Kansas City
Detroit < Minnesota
Buffalo < New England
Atlanta > New Orleans
Washington < St. Louis
Philadelphia > Jacksonville
Oakland < Arizona
San Diego < Seattle
Indianapolis > Denver
NY Jets > Miami
Green Bay < Chicago

Enigma - 10/16
Sean - 9/16

That brings the total up to:

Enigma: 29-19
Sean: 26-22

"Give, Get Given" - Part II

Orange Rockcorps – The Gig

As promised I’m going to tell you about the gig which was hosted at The Royal Albert Hall on the 24th of September.

We took our seats in the circle, so we had a direct view down onto the stage, I preferred where I sat last year, but it was still pretty cool. A Skillz was the DJ for the night, he started off the evening and played between the breaks too. He was really good at getting the crowd pumped. Played some good tunes, got us all out of our seats and onto our feet.

Mark Ronson and the Business INTL started off the evening. Crowd didn't go as crazy as I would have hoped they were more looking forward to the later acts. I really enjoyed the set though. "The Bike Song" and "Valerie", that was me happy, but then he decided to bring Boy George onto the stage - I swear I nearly cried, kept thinking how jealous my mother would have been, and he played "Somebody To Love Me".

I highly recommend the new album - "Record Collection".

Taio Cruz then took the stage. Teased us with the songs he didn't have time to sing in full by giving us an a capella. He did however do "Dynamite" and "Break Your Heart" so I was very happy.

Then the gorgeous Alex Zane announced we had a surprise performance in the form of Plan B, I'm not a huge fan, but I did enjoy watching one of the girls we did our project with, as she looked like she was about to fly down and have her way with him then and there on the stage. He did play "She Said" though, which made me happy as I actually knew the words.

N-Dubz took to the stage next with hits like "Number One" and "Playing With Fire" - Unfortunately Mr Hudson wasn't singing with them. The whole of The Royal Albert Hall went mad.

The last surprise they had for us was from the Orange RockCorps Allstars (Roll Deep, Aggro Santos, Bashy, Wretch32, Bluey Robinson and Cleo Sol) who sang the fist Orange Rockcorps song: 'Give a Little Love' - check out the Official Video below:

The final act of the night were the amazing Pendulum who made the whole of the hall go crazy insane. The floors were vibrating from the bass, everyone was jumping about. Such an amazing set. Really glad I got to see them again - Last year I saw them at Reading Festival, and it was in the NME/Dance tent, people were fainting in there, it was so hot and packed, this year it was nice to enjoy the music, and look down on all the people moshing instead of being dragged into a pit!

At the end of the night, as with last year, we got a USB with all the footage from the concert which was in a bracelet form, this year it was a paintbrush! And came with information and a free Monkey sim!

Photo's taken from: Orange Rockcorps

My September

Firstly, I have to apologise for not blogging recently. I know it’s a horrible excuse but I’ve been busy with work, birthdays, outings and university.

Work, is work, nothing really interesting going on, had an event which was slightly manic, lots of things to do, lots of people to help, but I’m sure you all get the general gist of a job so I won’t go into that. It’s weird not working daily, too many changes occur with new lines and displays every day, and it’s normally manageable when you’re in all the time, but working weekly means there’s a lot more changes to take in which I’m not used to now.

Birthdays’, well firstly, my birthday, yes, unfortunately I turned 20 on the 10th so I was out celebrating that with my high school and university friends. It was really fun, had an awesome few days, had lunches, dinners, drinks, cinema outings, live music and lots and lots of presents! I was spoilt absolutely rotten by one of my best friends, and I love her for it! Also another one of my friends had her birthday so we all got together again 3 days later, which was nice, because I got to see everyone who couldn’t make my birthday that same weekend.

The rest of my September was spent seeing people before they went off to university which was nice, it’s always fun having a catch up and being able to slot right into place like nothing has changed. Also being able to talk about what you’re going through now and knowing they understand even though they’re not present daily for those moments of your life.

University. No longer a fresher. That’s weird. Really weird. I went to university to take out books from the library to avoid the rush when the course started. Looking around there were a tonne of new people, with their maps, who were all taller, and mainly older than I was. This was strange to me, because, only being in second year, I’m used to the “newbies” being young, fresh meat, who are scared of me given that I’m in the year above. At university being in the year above doesn’t necessarily mean you’re older or that you have more life experience, and I know it shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did, but I thought it was quite funny. I must say, I enjoyed helping out people at least 5 years my senior around the campus I knew so well. I give them 2 weeks until they know exactly where they need to be, it’s not so tricky.

I guess I’ll finish on the songs I’ve been listening to since I last blogged, I know one of them has been released for a while but I quite like it.

I first heard this song when someone special to me asked me to listen to it. I think the video is really cute too.

[9/28]Track of the Day

Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Title: Ballad of Curtis Lowe

Thoughts: I'm in a very bluesy mood recently... something about the way stringed instruments sound in the blues is just... magical to say the least. This track itself... incredible. Great story, great music, and a fucking dobro appearance! You can't do much better than that... and you can't find much better than Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thoughts on Redskins vs. Rams

The Washington Redskins have reached a point in this season where something needs to happen… after the loss to the Rams, these guys need to gut-check, go out, and execute.

I’ll start off with the strong, and work my way down:

Santana Moss – man, what more can you possibly say about this guy? Since his move to the Redskins, when he’s on the field, he dominates! He’s a great route-runner, great after the catch, great speed, and he may have the surest hands on the team (and that’s something considering we’ve got Cooley out there as well). He got penalized big yesterday for a crack back block, but he’s a receiver who is smaller than almost every defensive player in the league and he put his body on the line. 100+ yards, a TD… great outing by Moss.

Clinton Portis – I’m confused as to why the Shanahan’s felt the need to withdraw Portis from the game yesterday. He was making the most of his opportunities, and is a far better pass-blocker than anyone (receivers, backs, linemen) on our team. He was having a terrific day on the ground (especially in the 2nd quarter), and his removal makes me wonder if that rumor I heard of a possible trade package of he and Haynesworth has any truth to it.

Ryan Torain – While I had wanted to see more of Portis, Torain showed the talents needed to play in this offense, and had real good burst and downfield speed. While it wasn’t 200+ yards and a win, Torain’s running style looked very similar to Arian Foster’s early performance. I’m still shocked by the abandonment of the run in the second half… Torain and Portis together were having a monster day and the run is what got us BACK into the game in the first place.

LaRon Landry – I’m excited about Landry and our future with him. He’s been returned back to doing what he does best, and in my opinion, he’s the Defensive Player of the Year this season. Landry has been terrific, doing all of the right things… and he’s a guy who is not satisfied with any of the things he’s been doing, he wants to do better.

Carlos Rogers – He got a bullshit pass-interference call, but he did really jockey for position on it. Aside from that, I liked where Carlos’ game was yesterday. He gave up a couple good routes, but I saw guys give up a couple sloppy routes as well…

Graham Gano – He rebounded from the horrible kickoff and had an alright game. He definitely had a lot on his plate, having to punt the ball as well after the loss of Bidwell to a pre-game injury.

While the defense is being criticized, I see a lot of potential in this 3-4 defense. And it helps to build into a 3-4 rather than build for it and put 3-4 guys into a 4-3. We knew we wouldn’t find immediate success, we don’t have all of the pieces, but we’re on our way, and that’s the most important. Gregg Williams had a bottom 1/4th of the league defense in the middle of his top 10 defenses because of some very poor fits. But I will find a fault in scheme… Kareem Moore, coming back from injury, was playing awfully close to the line whereas Landry was playing deep… on run plays. I noticed Moore either missing tackles or absorbing blocks and Landry was left in man-to-man on a receiver… umm… role reversal? I will, however, give Haslett the benefit of the doubt in throwing Moore into the mix to get him used to contact again. The INT was a great display of what Moore brings though, and he’ll start jacking people up soon enough… again, he JUST returned from a knee-injury… even Peyton Manning looked a little shook when he returned from a knee surgery.

DeAngelo Hall talked a WHOLE lot this week about the weaknesses in the defense and covering the top receiver and he’d make plays but give some up. The Rams’ second TD came on a bootleg in the redzone… Hall was covering the tight end and broke off of his coverage to come up and stop Bradford from running it in. My problem with this decision is that we had (I believe Alexander) come up in front of Bradford. Hall’s decision to run up was idiotic at best… you have to trust the man in front of you to stop the runner… especially when it’s a QB behind the line of scrimmage and you know you’re on an island with the tight end. Hall bailed, and where he probably could have made a play, cost us a play. He fell repeatedly on the turf yesterday, though he did make a couple good tackles as well.

We need a nose-tackle. I really like Bryant in that spot, and then a rotation of Haynesworth, Golston, Carriker, and Daniels at DE, but Haslett seems intent on using Haynesworth and Kemoeatu at the position. We’re not absorbing blocks up front, which is leaving McIntosh and Fletcher being hit by linemen on every play, instead of getting to play their role of coming free through the gaps.

A problem with officiating: on the play before DeAngelo Hall’s fumble TD against Dallas, and the last play of the game, Orakpo was put in a chokehold and drew holding penalties. The same act, 9 or 10 times, in the previous two games… I’ve seen Orakpo put in a chokehold and drawn NO penalties. Now either the refs are screwing us, or the rule has been changed without us knowing, to allow people to put pass-rushers in a sleeper-hold. Teams are getting away with the worst kind of holding, and it’s costing us.

We need a big receiver. I wanted to believe last week that we found a way to get things clicking, and that guys were on their way to making plays… but what they proved to me yesterday is that they’re not consistent. McNabb wasn’t pinpoint accurate, but he put the ball in great position plenty of times, and nobody but Moss and Cooley were coming up with the football. Whether it’s Thomas, or trading… or even if we have to commit to waiting for the offseason and/or draft… something about the WR’s needs to be addressed.

Lastly, Devin Thomas has been electric returning kicks… but if he doesn’t start hitting the hole, bouncing back to OPEN field… I’m going to be upset. Also, if I see him stiffarm another linebacker into oblivion just to be smashed by a kicker on a tackle… I’m going to have to wonder what the hell his pretty-boy-swag is all about!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Divine Intervention

But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you.
—Luke 6:27-31

After the events of yesterday (which I’ll get to later), I returned to my current sanctuary in a severely foul mood. And with the events of the night before, it only added fuel to the fire that was my anger…

I’ve been speaking a lot recently on my relationship with religion: I’m highly unattached from the Church. I’ve never been one to attend Church, I wasn’t baptized, I’ve not confessed. My father would be some form of southern Baptist, my mother a strong Catholic (also disassociated with Church) but never her faith and belief. I take great pride in my views on Jesus, God, the Holy Bible; I don’t associate my beliefs to the Pope, priests, pastors… if I had to categorize myself to a religion, I’d be somewhere within the boundaries of Catholicism, Christianity, and Judaism.

Catholicism is easy to explain: my mother’s side of the family is Catholic; my beliefs typically fall into the realm of Catholicism.

Christianity comes more from my direct focus of my beliefs on Jesus – I feel he’s a much greater factor on humanity and the divine than what Catholicism paints him out to be.

Judaism from the idea that Jesus was a man… though again, I believe his significance is far greater than portrayed in the texts.

A summary of my belief: Jesus (a Jew) was a man with divine wisdom. Anyone who has read of Jesus in the Holy Bible knows that his wisdom exceeded humanity, and this is one of the traits that helped to portray him as more than a man. I don’t disbelieve that Jesus was in fact the Son of God, nor do I disbelieve notions that he was simply a man. I say to you look no further than his own bloodline… the son of the son etc. of Adam – son of God. Adam was the first man on this planet… he was truly God’s first son. Jesus says:

So, David calls him Lord; how then is he his son?
—Luke 20:44

I believe Jesus to be superhuman; yet only greater than any man solely on his willpower and devotion to the belief that he was sent to do things for God that his divine wisdom permitted. I believe Jesus to be the example for every human to follow… mainly because Jesus was flesh and bone as we are… and preached that all were equal. His selflessness is what I hope (yet have failed so far) to achieve in my own life.

Anyways, back to the original quote: when I returned yesterday, I was prompted by a friend to turn towards the Gospel of Luke for a look, not having anything to do with the situation. I knew the passage I selected was in the Gospel of Luke, but coming across it had a divine feeling I have only felt several times before. Then again, it’s always good to read passage to help your situation.

The situation? I was on my way back from my grandparents house to my current sanctuary, when I realized that doing the 45 mph speed limit had brought me fast up onto a robin egg blue car… this man was doing 30 (or less since I had to keep easing up on his rear bumped when doing 30 myself). I gave him an opportunity to get up to 45, he didn’t accelerate at all. I blew my horn to hopefully get his attention, he seemed to get frustrated by me. I waited for traffic in the other lane to clear for an opportunity to get over and pass him. When I got my chance, I shot it up. When I hit 35, he hit 35. When I hit 40, he hit 40. When I hit 50, he hit 50… he was playing chicken with me. I slammed on my brakes, and he slammed on his brakes, but luckily he ended up in front of me so I could jump back over.

I followed him at 30 for another half-mile and turned last second off of the road to get away from him. I was so furious… I had considered a PIT maneuver or just straight up shoving him off of the road into one of the 4 foot ditches (which surely would have severely injured or killed him). I knew I had made the correct decision, one which I’m sure Jesus himself would be proud of. When I reached for my cross on my neck, it wasn’t there – and I believed it to be a sign that something horrible could have happened had I made my decision to hit his car. It also made reading the passage much more meaningful to me. Do unto others… I didn’t try to kill him; therefore my life wasn’t put in any further risk.

So I say to you, belief or not, please make sure you follow the morals you learn in the Bible. I don’t know that it was divine intervention, but I am sure that it’s something about the decisions we make.

[9/26]Track Of The Day

I gotta start off TotD with a couple of artists who are on the come up.

Artist(s): Soopa, Laos, Riley
 - You can find them on Twitter here:
  - Soopa: @
  - Laos: @
  - Riley: @

Title: This Is Our House

Thoughts: The track is upbeat... "swaaaaagged out". The hook is smooth (with Riley holdin' the vocals down), Laos comes in strong with a flow that is developing into one of the best you can find on a beat. I don't even have to mention his vocabulary or word usage... he speaks for himself. On the second verse, Soopa relies on his literary devices, but keeps his arrogant style of flow to separate his style.

Download: This Is Our House

You can leave your thoughts here on the blog in the comments section - but please, if you're on Twitter, follow all three and share your thoughts with them directly... and get your inside scoop on their future projects!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

NFL Week 3 Predictions

Enigma's picks:

Tennessee at NY Giants
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay
Cincinnati at Carolina
Cleveland at Baltimore
Dallas at Houston
San Francisco at Kansas City
Detroit at Minnesota
Buffalo at New England
Atlanta at New Orleans
Washington at St. Louis
Philadelphia at Jacksonville
Oakland at Arizona
San Diego at Seattle
Indianapolis at Denver
NY Jets at Miami
Green Bay at Chicago

Sean's Picks:

Tennessee at NY Giants
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay
Cincinnati at Carolina
Cleveland at Baltimore
Dallas at Houston
San Francisco at Kansas City
Detroit at Minnesota
Buffalo at New England
Atlanta at New Orleans
Washington at St. Louis
Philadelphia at Jacksonville
Oakland at Arizona
San Diego at Seattle
Indianapolis at Denver
NY Jets at Miami
Green Bay at Chicago

Friday, September 24, 2010

Music Is...

…the key to the lock in the gate of genius.

Don’t believe me? The next time you hear a song, I want you to focus on the thoughts that run through your mind when you listen to that song. Surely you’ll think of the lyrics; seeing the events play out in the form of the other dimension we know as imagination. You’ll also probably think of at least one color—that may or may not gateway (notice the use of gate?) into the thoughts of other colors—and you’ll probably also think of fundamental numbers. The more complex minds out there will think of both, and the even more complex of them will combine them into groups like a probability experiment. Lastly, you’ll almost surely reflect on an event in your life… one where this song may have been playing… where you most associate this song with a similar event in your own life… or perhaps it will just trigger a memory that is completely unassociated in any form other than the unexplained way in which tones and octaves play with your mind.

While the nose has been associated most closely with the brain (sense of smell is often considered one of the most powerful), the ears (ignoring the eardrum) are the most direct line to the brain. In fact, vibrations in your ear (sound) carry on well past the eardrum and into the skull, and even the brain. Music itself captivates everyone; but science has proven that music is the closest we can come to perfection by definition. Beat, key, tone, scale… music transcends perception. Johan Sebastian-Bach once said that “one instrument, one section – without one, the masterpiece does not exist”, and while the average person could take no notice, those who devote themselves to their craft know that this is true.

Music is powerful… incredibly powerful. For those of you who believe in religion (Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, others I’m sure), the angels in Heaven before mankind’s creation… played music. Music presents itself in rituals – tribal, social, political, all the way to a tool to help study, motivate, prepare……..

So to honor this genius perfection (and with the genius idea from fellow blogger Enigma & reviewing this slowing in blogging)… I’ll begin doing Track of the Day here on the blog.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 2 Prediction Results

Results prior to this week:

Enigma - 11/16
Sean - 9/16

Green Bay > Buffalo
Miami > Minnesota
Kansas City > Cleveland
Chicago > Dallas
Atlanta > Arizona
Tampa Bay > Carolina
Philadelphia > Detroit
Cincinnati > Baltimore
Pittsburgh > Tennessee
Denver > Seattle
Oakland > St. Louis
Houston > Washington
New York Jets > New England
San Diego > Jacksonville
Indianapolis > New York Giants
New Orleans > San Francisco

Enigma - 8/16
Sean - 8/16

That brings the total up to:

Enigma: 19-13
Sean: 17-15

Monday, September 20, 2010

Immediate Thoughts After Redskins OT Loss To Texans

30-27… that’s the last thing anyone imagined after the third quarter of yesterday’s game against the Texans. My thoughts are sporadic. So I apologize in advance if this post comes off a bit sloppy (much like our loss yesterday).

Before I get into the game too heavily, I want to reiterate the point that, the Redskins did more to lose this game than the Texans did to win it. In fact, I can pinpoint the moments of the game that really sickened me into the knowledge that we could very well give the game away. Devin Thomas’ unforgiveable kick return in the third quarter, taking it out of the endzone with the lead-off blocker telling him to take a knee. Thomas managed a somewhat successful return, but there was a penalty on Cooley for an illegal block that brought the Redskins back to the 16. While we did manage to score on the drive, the unbelievable disregard for his team by Devin Thomas, to me, shows why coaches have little faith in his contributions mentally to the game.

Larry Johnson’s horrible cutback for a loss of 10 yards was also severely disappointing. Johnson has to know he’s not a cutback runner even with a huge open field to one side… he’s not fast enough to outrun defenses. The fact that he also cut back going backwards 7 yards from where he made his cut completely displays how horrid of a fit and decision-maker he is. I can forgive the Redskins for the reverse to Moss, they faked it two or three times in the game and it was worth a shot, just a great read by Houston to cut it off in the backfield.

Some things that impressed me from this game?

Donovan McNabb’s poise. I expected him to be able to pass a little bit this year, though I’ve been adamant in my requests that the Redskins go after a TJ Houshmandzadeh or a Vincent Jackson. Yesterday, McNabb proved to me that he’s definitely as good as, if not better than 28 quarterbacks in this league. Santana Moss is a very good receiver, whom I think is severely underrated; the Redskins do not have a big-play, game changing receiver like an Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, etc. Yet McNabb was able to amass 400+ yards passing with Moss, Galloway, Armstrong, Cooley, Davis, Sellers, (Roydell) Williams… Devin Thomas wasn’t even a contributor on offense.

Clinton Portis’ hustle and effort. His block to spring Fred Davis for extra yards was all heart and mental toughness. Portis showed incredible burst to spring past Davis and lay an incredible block on a Texans DB. Portis injured himself on the play, but it speaks volumes as to what he’s willing to do to help his team win. Portis and anyone involved with the Redskins in any way can see that we’re not a good running team… Portis knows he’s got to make plays when he’s not the one getting the credit for the yards gained. After a volatile week for Portis, it was this play that reminds fans why we love Clinton Portis the player, as much as any Redskin we’ve ever cheered.

Joey Galloway – despite the drop on the long ball in the endzone, Galloway constantly burned receivers more than a decade younger than himself. He caught the ball well, low, high, right in stride, behind him… his hands were there.

Chris Cooley – never mind the penalty on the aforementioned kick return (not that Cooley has ever prided himself in special teams) had an amazing game. He found holes in the defense, caught everything thrown his way, and continued to fight for yards after the catch. He was also solid with his blocking in both phases.

Defensively, LaRon Landry is establishing himself as THE BEST strong safety in football. I’ve said since he was drafted that he’d be that guy… his efforts were thrown off with the passing of Sean Taylor and having to move to free safety. But back in his natural position, playing the game the way he loves to play it, Landry has been an amazing force on this defense. He’s making all the right reads, taking great angles, and blowing guys up (and wrapping up sound for all you technical tacklers).

Carlos Rogers played a very solid game. He got beat outright by Jacoby Jones in the endzone… and several of his shallow zones got beat by some intermediate throws, but Rogers made a lot of very good reads and breaks. Haslett’s scheme of Buchanon on Johnson was more for familiarity (Johnson obviously more familiar with Buchanon) so Rogers saw a lot of time covering Walter in the slot… but I think he continued to show his dominance… he’s a really good fit for this defense.

The front seven was physical and dominant. One thing that stood out exceptionally? Bryant is a great Nose Tackle and Haynesworth’s absence clearly wasn’t a factor. Sure he’d be nice for depth purposes and rotation, but I feel like we’ve got more contributors on the line than Haynesworth would be. I think yesterday’s game could have made it easy to cut ties with Albert in any way, shape, or form. The rest of the line outside of Bryant was solid… Carriker played a very physical and smart game.

Reed Doughty continues to be a problem for me. I love his heart and sure tackling of ball carriers… but he’s really an undersized linebacker if anything. His coverage is very poor, and his angles in coverage are even worse considering his lack of speed. Kareem Moore is much-needed in this secondary for his big-hits, speed, and athletic prowess.

I’ll contribute more thoughts later in the week when I have more time to put this game together.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

NFL Week 2 Predictions

Enigma's Picks:

Pittsburgh at Tennessee
Miami at Minnesota
Arizona at Atlanta
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Kansas City at Cleveland
Chicago at Dallas
Philadelphia at Detroit
Buffalo at Green Bay
Tampa Bay at Carolina
Seattle at Denver
St. Louis at Oakland
Houston at Washington
New England at NY Jets
Jacksonville at San Diego
NY Giants at Indianapolis
New Orleans at San Francisco

Sean's Picks:

Pittsburgh at Tennessee
Miami at Minnesota
Arizona at Atlanta
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Kansas City at Cleveland
Chicago at Dallas
Philadelphia at Detroit
Buffalo at Green Bay
Tampa Bay at Carolina
Seattle at Denver
St. Louis at Oakland
Houston at Washington
New England at NY Jets
Jacksonville at San Diego
NY Giants at Indianapolis
New Orleans at San Francisco

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 1 Prediction Results

Week 1 in the NFL is over, that means it’s time to recap the picks between Enigma and myself.

New Orleans defeated Minnesota
Miami won against Buffalo
Chicago squeaked out a win vs. Detroit
Tennessee ran over the Raiders
New England beat the Bengals
The Giants beat the Panthers
Pittsburgh won in OT vs. the Falcons
Tampa Bay beat the Browns
Jacksonville beat the Broncos
Houston beat the Colts
Seattle stomped the 49ers
Green Bay beat Philadelphia
Arizona held on against the Rams
Washington won against the Cowboys
Baltimore hung on against the Jets
The Chiefs beat the Chargers

By my count, Enigma scored 11/16 and I scored 9/16.

Several Major, Key Injuries In NFL Week 1

It’s a tough day to be injured in the NFL. Nobody wants to see players go down for the year, especially in week 1. However, the New York Jets lost Nose Tackle Kris Jenkins for the second year in a row; he tore his surgically repaired left ACL in Monday Night’s home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Jenkins was out last season after tearing the same ACL – he said all throughout camp that he believed he was fully recovered and it felt good being on that leg.

The Green Bay Packers lost running back Ryan Grant for the year after placing him on Injured Reserve. Specifics of the injury were not released, but Grant is scheduled for a procedure in which he will have a screw placed in his ankle to help speed the recovery. Grant took to Twitter this afternoon to address the fans on his situation:

“Guess everyone has heard the news..frustrating, disappointing, all the normal emotions..there was a chance with surgery that I come back this season but I would miss too many weeks and put the team in a bind roster wise. It was more severe than initially thought during game..but I just have to move forward and get it right. Anyone who knows me, understands that my spirits WILL stay high..and I will return even better, stronger.. That’s how I operate. But know that nothing has changed from the Packs goal this year. The whole backfield will step up. That’s guaranteed. I know the capabilities. Thanks again for all the support from everyone..much appreciated….it’s tough but this is part of the game.”

Grant was primed for a huge year this season, and looked to be off to a decent start prior to his injury. He will definitely be missed by this Packers’ offense.

Indianapolis Colts’ safety Bob Sanders has reportedly torn his bicep. He was placed on injured reserve last season for a torn bicep that he had surgically repaired. It’s believed that this is his other bicep. He’s scheduled to meet with Dr. James Andrews to determine if his injury is severe and needs surgery, or if he can return to play this season. Sanders has missed at least one game in every season of his professional career. His career high of 15 starts in 15 games in 2007 earned him NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors, but since winning the award, Sanders has posted totals of 6, 2, and now 1 games played in the three seasons following. It remains to be seen if that 1 remains or if he can return.

One has to believe based on history than Sanders will not return this season. His presence will definitely be missed (as it was Sunday in the Colts’ loss to the Houston Texans), but given his track record, the Colts are comfortable with “backup” Melvin Bullitt who has come in and played well enough to aid the Colts to the Super Bowl last season. If Sanders is expected to miss significant time, it’s expected the Colts will place him on IR in order to replace his spot on the roster with a healthy player.

The Philadelphia Eagles placed Pro Bowl fullback Leonard Weaver and starting center Jamaal Jackson on IR. Weaver and Jackson were both injured in Sunday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. Weaver tore his ACL in the game, while Jamaal Jackson tore his triceps.

Houston Texans defensive end Connor Barwin was placed on IR for a dislocated right ankle which he will have surgery on tomorrow. Barwin suffered the injury early on in the win over the Colts on Sunday when colliding with a teammate.

Clinton Portis Has a Busy, Wordy Tuesday

Earlier today, Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis made an appearance on DC Radio 106.7 – The Fan. The interview was tame, as usual, until Portis was asked to weigh in on the situation surrounding the New York Jets and female reporter Ines Sainz.

After being briefed on the situation, Portis responded:

“You know man, I think you put women reporters in the locker room in positions to see guys walking around naked, and you sit in the locker room with 53 guys, and all of the sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room, I think men are gonna tend to turn and look and want to say something to that woman. For the woman, I think they make it so much that you can't interact and you can't be involved with athletes, you can't talk to these guys, you can't interact with these guys. And I mean, you put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her. You know, somebody got to spark her interest, or she's gonna want somebody. I don't know what kind of woman won't, if you get to go and look at 53 men's packages. And you're just sitting here, saying 'Oh, none of this is attractive to me.' I know you're doing a job, but at the same time, the same way I'm gonna cut my eye if I see somebody worth talking to, I'm sure they do the same thing.”

Within minutes in this media-dominated planet, Twitter, Facebook, Google were all blowing up with responses towards Clinton Portis’ comments. Supporters and critics appearing in droves to weigh in with their own thoughts on what Portis had just said.

Shortly after the NFL got wind of the comments and had surely read and heard the transcript, the following statement was released:

“The comments are clearly inappropriate, offensive, and have no place in the NFL. We have contacted the Redskins and they will discuss the matter directly with Mr. Portis.”

Within moments of the NFL’s official statement, the Redskins and Portis released statements of their own. Portis released his statement first:

“I was wrong to make the comments I did, and I apologize. I respect the job that all reporters do. It is a tough job and we all have to work and act in a professional manner. I understand & support the team on these issues.”

Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie followed up:

“The Washington Redskins have a clear & unambiguous policy about being professional on these issues and we will take the necessary steps to remind everyone about it.”

Feelings for Clinton Portis aside, I think he raised a few solid points in his initial statement, bold and arrogant as they may be. Professional athletes are in a comfort level in their locker rooms, being surrounded by nearly 100 males in teammates, front office members, coaches, assistants, and members of the media. Ines Sainz is far from unattractive, and while the way she was reportedly treated was unprofessional, it stands in stone that male instincts did play a role in this situation.

I do find that Portis was wrong to suggest that Ines Sainz had to be attracted to at least one player, but his arrogance also helps explain what the situation was all about – we’re talking world-class professional athletes, the top of the male world in physical prowess, and naturally, one of them has a very high chance of attracting Ines Sainz. However, if the reports are true, Ines Sainz was not flirting with or playing along with the players of the New York Jets, she was there to do her job, and they were not there to do theirs.

I think Clinton Portis (who as we mentioned was not aware of the situation prior to this show) really was trying to be entertaining. However, as we’ve seen time and again (even with Clinton Portis), the NFL has drawn a very fine line between being entertaining and professional. The NFL feels that Clinton Portis shed the professional side of his representation.

It’s also worth noting that Clinton Portis nor any of the current Washington Redskins have been involved in a situation similar to what the Jets have put Ines Sainz through; and it’s widely known that the Redskins are covered by several female reporters.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thoughts on Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins [9/12]

I’m very skeptical in judgment on the offense. While part of me wants to be harsh and admit the offense was not on-par… the realist in me needs to admit that the Dallas Cowboys still do have one of the surest defenses in the NFL, and I wasn’t going into this game expecting any huge 42-7 blowout on our behalf.

I felt like Donovan McNabb did a good job hitting his target on a majority of his throws, under pressure, standing tall, on the run… I noticed he was slightly off on screens (except the long-gain by Cooley). He locked in on Cooley and Moss most of the game (surest hands) but I’ll give it to the fact that he recognized mismatches, or they were simply beating their defenders. I liked a couple of the shots downfield, but Dallas gets quick pressure, so some of the long-ball opportunities were just negated.

Trent Williams is a stud at left tackle. His biggest problem was trying to adjust to what Ware was doing, and he’d key in on it and Ware would change from power to speed. Williams allowed a sack, had a pressure allowed, and was called for a false-start… a rookie, in front of 90,000+ against the Dallas Cowboys and DeMarcus Ware, and those three plays were all he screwed up on? Seasoned veterans have problems with that; I’ll take this kid anyday. Great blocking downfield on the Cooley screen as well.

Jammal Brown also performed tremendously, and was solid all game. Coaches gave him a break, and continued to evaluate Heyer at tackle. Heyer handled himself very well. There was some subbing back and forth on the line to determine who was winning the battle… but I’m sure just to get in-game experience as well on the chance someone goes down.

Santana Moss battled all night long, and came up big in some key moments. He also lined up in the backfield to help in run-blocking, and really exceeded at it. He looked loose and like he was really having fun and enjoying himself. Chris Cooley the same.

Outside of them, receivers didn’t necessarily show up. Kyle Shanahan called the same play back-to-back, fade to Anthony Armstrong in the endzone in what seemed to be a mismatch vs. Mike Jenkins. While it showed confidence in Armstrong’s abilities and getting him the opportunity to experience the situation, it also rang out (in my mind) that Kyle Shanahan was pleading his case for a go-to clutch receiver who can pose a mismatch for corners with height and size. It’s been believed the Redskins were in the hunt for someone, only time will tell if a guy (say, Vincent Jackson) becomes a possible target after Thursday’s meeting with the league.

Defensively, Washington came to play ball. I tweeted earlier in the week that the mismatch I was scared about was the Cowboys receivers vs. Reed Doughty… and while he seemed responsible for giving up the touchdown, I think he actually handled his duties rather incredibly. It helped that the front seven got pressure and allowed him to attack rather than react.

The defensive line is still a bit of an uncertainty for us as well. Haynesworth wanted to play, and I’m sure the more he plays the better… but when he was on the field, he did get manhandled and dominated by Gurode. Ma’ake Kemoeatu didn’t fare well either at times… he got blown up off the snap several times. The DE’s did a very solid job though.

Rocky McIntosh and London Fletcher got pushed around a bit allowing Dallas to run on us at times, but key reactions really helped the two of them out in getting to the ball carrier and not giving up huge gains. They’ll become far more accustomed as the season goes on. Loved seeing McIntosh attacking the QB for once and getting a sack finally.

Orakpo was a beast all night long, being tackled, held, lassoed, clotheslined… he kept fighting though. We’ll get to the controversy in a minute… but the rest of the game, Orakpo commanded respect and got it… and it makes it all the more scary to imagine what happens when he’s not being double or triple teamed a couple weeks from now.

Carter played outstanding for the most part… I didn’t see him struggle in coverage even if it wasn’t a lot of man-to-man. Alexander and Wilson also impressed last night, playing both sides… Zo playing multiple positions.

Rogers, Buchanon, and Hall came into the game with a solid gameplan and really held their own. Westbrook was good when he came in as well. I thought Rogers was the most outstanding at containing, he didn’t let anything come his way. Hall got tested and beat a bit, but played VERY sound football and was one of the key performers without his score…

LaRon Landry is my player of the game though. I said Landry would greatly benefit from being back at his true position, and while he was still playing several schemes like a free safety instead of a strong safety, he played solid and handled himself well. He made great plays, taking outstanding angles and not misjudging anything.

Special teams, Gano was outstanding, Bidwell struggled at times on punts, and Sundberg was very questionable snapping the ball. I’d personally love to see Ethan Albright return to the lineup as the sure-hand at the job. Devin Thomas was outstanding returning kickoffs, hitting the hole powerfully and quickly. Coverage units were tremendous.

Dallas’ decision-making from coaches was horrible. They obviously don’t communicate well enough. The fumble before the half never should have happened, and the team was simply doing what they were told to do. I still don’t believe Wade Phillips controls his locker room, and with that mentality, the Cowboys can be favored on talent all they want, but they’ll forever remain losers at the end of the year.

The Redskins played with an intensity, a new mindset that we haven’t seen since Joe Gibbs. The players tried to put the game away, and offensive woes (or Dallas’ defensive dominance) hindered that, but the team actually tried to win the game. Last year, this team probably would have lost… this year, it appears there is a focus on trying to put games away, and as long as they try, they give themselves the chance to do.

Brian Orakpo was tangled by the neck on the final play of the game, the second hold by Barron on him of the nature. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fine handed out for Barron not once, but twice, wrapping his arm around the throat of Orakpo. On the last play, Romo scrambled and found Roy Williams open in the endzone for what appeared to be the game-tying touchdown… flag down for holding. Time is run off, play is negated, Redskins hold on to win.

Game balls go to:

Donovan McNabb, Trent Williams, Santana Moss, Brian Orakpo, DeAngelo Hall, LaRon Landry

Welcome to the new era of the Washington Redskins!