Sunday, September 26, 2010

[9/26]Track Of The Day

I gotta start off TotD with a couple of artists who are on the come up.

Artist(s): Soopa, Laos, Riley
 - You can find them on Twitter here:
  - Soopa: @
  - Laos: @
  - Riley: @

Title: This Is Our House

Thoughts: The track is upbeat... "swaaaaagged out". The hook is smooth (with Riley holdin' the vocals down), Laos comes in strong with a flow that is developing into one of the best you can find on a beat. I don't even have to mention his vocabulary or word usage... he speaks for himself. On the second verse, Soopa relies on his literary devices, but keeps his arrogant style of flow to separate his style.

Download: This Is Our House

You can leave your thoughts here on the blog in the comments section - but please, if you're on Twitter, follow all three and share your thoughts with them directly... and get your inside scoop on their future projects!

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