Friday, September 3, 2010

England vs. Bulgaria

I’m a huge fan of football, or as some may call it, soccer. Like many of you I sat on the edge of my seat through the pain that was the World Cup. Sometimes I felt I had wasted 90 precious minutes of my life watching tired, old men running around. Tonight England have actually put a smile on my face. The whistle has blown on their first Euro 2012 qualifier match, against Bulgaria, and I’m pleased to say that they’re finally in the shape I expected to see during the World Cup this year.

Fabio Capello has been controversial, many thought he’d be good for England others weren’t so sure, after the performance they saw in June a lot of people wanted rid of him, but he stayed for reasons unknown. Tonight he’s regained himself slightly, he chose to play Jermain Defoe alongside Wayne Rooney which people were questioning, due to Defoe’s groin injury. There is no doubt about it, his gamble paid off as Defoe scored a hat-trick – England’s first for two years, and was undeniably named man of the match. Hopefully Defoe will make a speedy recovery from his injury and be in top form to play for both England and his Club, Tottenham Hotspurs.

It’d be nice to see Rooney score a few goals for England, but he kept his cool today and provided four assists which is all you want as a fan really, for players to not be selfish but to create opportunities and help other players seize the moment.

Another player who I feel deservers an honourable mention is Joe Hart. I was rooting for him during the World Cup, but we decided to play David James instead. Hart’s only 23 and tonight was his first competitive international match. He made a fantastic 1-on-1 save, and was ready and waiting when needed, frankly I’m looking forward to seeing more from him.

It’s nice to see the younger players being given a chance to shine, especially when they can produce a score like tonight’s it gives us hope in the next generation. All in all, I’m happy with England’s 4-0 win, they did me proud.

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