Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greg Giraldo Dead At 44 From Accidental Overdose

Before I start, I need to remind people that we don't speak often of people until they're gone because we don't expect to have to say our last thoughts on them when they're here...

Greg Giraldo was/is one of my favorite comedians from Comedy Central's Roasts. I believe him to have been the undisputed king of the Roasts, and there are people who know I've felt this way for a long time. While I don't expect this post to be the ultimate tribute to the man or anything like that - I feel I need to speak something on the subject while it's fresh, matters, and is being searched >_>.

Anyone with half a sense of humor who ever watched one of the roasts, probably laughed themselves breathless because of the guy. His humor was raw, witty, and oftentimes over the edge... which is why I, myself, crowned him the King of Roasts. Comedy shouldn't know limits, and jokes shouldn't be censored. We shouldn't bind jokes with race, sexuality, religion, etc. This was a man who understood that jokes are jokes (a joke is NOT a direct reflection of one's personal opinion). Yeah, you can go too far with some people, everyone has a limit, but I appreciate even the jokes that piss me off because I know someone out there is going to laugh about it.

So Greg; enjoy the throne in Heaven, where you get to fuck with all the dead motherfuckers who didn't get to sit on stage in front of you... rest in peace!

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