Thursday, September 30, 2010

House M.D

I don't know about the rest of you, but I was extremely excited about the current season. On a side note, I very rarely follow the UK release dates but follow the dates in the US, I find no point in waiting if lovely people are willing to upload the episodes for me!

Anyway, I've wanted Cuddy and House to get together since the start, and I was desperate to see how it pans out. I find myself more intrigued about their relationship and how it's going to develop than the actual medical/patient aspect to it now. I haven't been disappointed so far. I liked the way it's changed House, but I didn't like the effect it had on his craziness and the way he practised medicine. Then he burst and they fought, but it didn't ruin their relationship and I love it. It shows that sometimes you have to be that same person despite your status in a relationship. After all, you can't change too dramatically or the person who fell in love with you won't see the person they fell for any more.


  1. I loves me some House. My friend and I couldn't wait for Cuddy and House to FINALLY get together.
    And I gotta say...
    ep. two? Where Cuddy grabs House's crotch to show Wilson she's serious? Wilson's expression = Priceless. XD

  2. "Are we done here?" - I swear, I nearly died of laughter, between her nonchalantness, Wilson's surprisedness, and House's semi-surprised/semi-pleased as punch face, it was definitely priceless!

    "I think you straightened out my limp a little!" - loves it!