Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State Of The Redskins

In a move that will surely create the “what does this do to Bartel? Grossman? McNabb’s extension?” talk among Redskins fans all over… QB John Beck was signed to his own extension today. The move puts his paycheck at $600k this season, $800k next season, and $1 million in 2012. It’s well-noted that even in Denver, Shanahan was very attracted to Beck’s style of play, and wanted to groom the QB. The move doesn’t guarantee the quarterback longevity with the team, but releasing him after the extension means the Redskins risk losing money to Beck, which wouldn’t have been the case prior to the extension.

While others worry about the situations of Grossman and Bartel, I look at this in a much different light. McNabb has almost been guaranteed an extension already, and as long as he doesn’t underperform and we walk in and find ourselves with a true great in Beck, McNabb is going to get his extension. What is does is allow the Redskins to place Bartel back on the practice squad, he’s very highly respected within the organization. It also buys the Redskins time to groom Beck, use McNabb, and focus on building depth at skill positions through the draft over the next couple seasons.

Washington has every reason to believe McNabb can be the answer at quarterback in immediate plans. He could end up playing until he’s 37 or 38 (so about four or five more seasons) and spend each of his remaining years with the Redskins. John Beck will be groomed, learning the offense, and probably filling in for McNabb at times. It gives the Redskins more “stability” at the position. Whether Beck is that style of QB or not remains to be seen, but I’ll take Mike and Kyle Shanahan’s opinion of a QB any day.

This allows the Redskins to seek out weapons at Wide Receiver, Running Back, Tight End, and along the offensive line. It gives the team the freedom they need to focus on building depth on defense. More importantly, it allows the team to grow with familiarity and stability.

In other news with the Redskins, Malcolm Kelly suffered a setback in what appears to be a torn hamstring. Kelly had become well acquainted with McNabb, but has been nursing a sore hamstring through all of training camp. He returned to practice on Monday, and didn’t last the entire practice before falling victim to his injury. Kelly has been placed on IR, which allows him to continue to show coaches that he’s committed, study, and try to win a spot next offseason. However, if he’s uncommitted and doesn’t impress, Mike Shanahan has let it be known that Malcolm is expendable.

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