Saturday, September 4, 2010

Washington Redskins - Quick Fix At Receiver?

Today is cuts day in the NFL. Teams must shorten their roster to 53 players to take into battle with you during the regular season. The Redskins have some clouded decisions to make; many feel it’s working with less than adequate talent.

Today, I wonder if the Redskins don’t shore up their weak receiving corps with some true available talent, making their decisions on cuts a little easier. San Diego Chargers wide-out Vincent Jackson is rumored to be on the trade block, and the Chargers have reportedly allowed him to negotiate with other teams while retaining the right to deny any trade they feel isn’t a good situation (otherwise, not giving him to a surefire contender or rival). It’s rumored they’re asking for a 2nd and 4th round pick, and after acquiring Patrick Crayton in a trade with the Dallas Cowboys Friday, the Chargers seem poised to let Jackson go.

Elsewhere on the West Coast, the Seahawks have told TJ Houshmandzadeh that if they do not find a suitable trade partner (he’s due to make $7 million this season, so teams may not want to deal for him, especially given the next bit), they will be releasing him. I believe that if the Redskins acquire Jackson, they boost their own stock to grab Houshmandzadeh off of the waiver wire.

Jackson already has a rapport with Donovan McNabb, having spent time catching passes during McNabb’s “Hell Week” in Arizona. He’s also familiar with the Redskins’ offense, and would be able to spend his suspension learning the terminology and getting it down.

Houshmandzadeh is leaving Seattle’s West-Coast Offense, also very similar to the Redskins offense, and would figure to be a solid contributor from day one.

While the chances of getting both receivers (or either for that matter) still seems relatively slim since the team has not been open about even thinking of pursuing either prospect… it is a glaring weakness on the roster and would definitely shore up the Redskins and put them in prime position to win immediately. It’s a no-brainer to the fans & others around the league… it remains to be seen whether Shanahan and Allen feel the same way. Only time will tell…

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