Friday, September 10, 2010

We Love To See You Smile!

I went to McDonalds for lunch today, approximately the third time this week I’ve had McDonalds. I’ve been enjoying the McNuggets recently, and the Frappe’s are outright insanely good. That being said, I had to go up there and get some.

There was a car that was in front of me in the left lane, they jumped over and kept getting stopped by everyone turning right. I was up beside them pulling up on McDonalds, and they wouldn’t slow down to let me pass before getting over behind me… the guy driving kept looking over (directly beside me) and yelling through my [closed] window about trying to get over. I wasn’t in a rush, I pulled back and let them jump in front of me since I was about to turn left into McDonalds.

…so were they.

I made my turn, and pulled up behind them in the drive-thru. They pulled up, as did I. Rolling holding the switch to let my window down, I was greeted with a recording asking if I’d like to try something or another. I said “no thanks” and then the shit got real.

“Hurry up! What can I get for you today!?” Caught off-guard, I let the “hurry up” part slide, but not go unnoticed. “Yeah, I want a 20 piece McNugget,” I said. “Okay, that’ll be $3…” “I’m not done,” I interrupted. Then her attitude really spiked when she responded “What else!?”

I finished my order, and she told me, “Your total comes to $9.18, pull up to the first window!” When I began to pull up, I realized the car ahead of me was already gone, and there was nobody in the drive-thru behind me; surely McDonalds wasn’t extremely busy for her to rush me.

When I pulled up to her window to pay for my meal, she snatched the $10 bill from my hand, slammed the register shut, and tossed my .82¢ at my hand from behind her window. I asked for my receipt, and she told me “I’m going to have to put your information again, and I’d rather not have to do that!”

Once again, nobody was behind me… I pulled up, complained a bit to employees acting as though they’ve heard it about her before, got my food, and went about my way.

So McDonalds, if you’re really about your “We love to see you smile!” campaign, I highly recommend someone resolve this issue…………….

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