Monday, October 18, 2010

(18/10) Daily Like And Dislike

My like for the day would be having an amazing day - genuinely. I had a funny lecturer - yeah, we only covered 9 slides over a 3 hour period, but he told so many great stories that the content of those 9 slides will stick with me. It was like 3 hours of free stand up comedy at the expense of my fellow classmates, oh and myself actually. "People won't understand what you do, but they have skills in other areas, like, how many people in here can take out and build an engine themselves?" *puts hand up* "No love, I've seen those manicured nails, you've never even seen a spanner!".

I saw a friend who's at university in Liverpool, but came down for the weekend and another old friend who now goes to my university, but who I hadn't seen the whole time we'd been there (saw her last on my birthday). I had Subway with them - the first time I've ever had a Subway by the way, yes I know, where have I been living the past few years?! First time I went into a Subway was before the inside smoking ban was introduced in England, so it was all smokey and put me off Subway in general, the atmosphere, oddly enough, that same setting is where I had my Italian BMT, very nice I might add.

I also had a really fun practical with another lecturer I adore. I picked the best experiment to partake in, and ended up doing the best/least painful part of that experiment too!

I came home, sat down, and did some work. I'm really happy with my organisation skills lately, just need to get more work done!

My dislike(s) for the day would be.. not being able to blog as much as I'd like to. There are so many topics I want to talk about and hopefully spark a debate with my fellow writers on the blog, but I simply haven't the time.

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