Friday, October 15, 2010

Album Time?

As of today, I’ve decided to get into a studio to record my album. I’ve spent most of my life rapping, but restricted myself to writing and freestyling… never really committing to the studio to lay anything down despite requests from friends to do so.

I’ve made no secret about the stacks upon stacks of lyric books I’ve got (well over the height of myself) covered front to back on every page… nor have I made any secret that I think I can really hold my own with anyone word for word on a track.

People can hope to expect more than just a rap album out of me, as I hope to delve into more genres than that (no, I won’t be singing any kind of r&b vocal classic)… and you can expect rock influence heavily at times; though I fully expect myself to devote more to rapping than Kid Cudi. I plan on featuring an array of artists from Maryland, and even a few I’ve been listening to on the net from around the country for some time.

Come November, I plan on hitting the studio… and hopefully handle everything I’ve needed to handle for a long time. Either I begin my journey with music, or I finally find the closure I’ve needed with it… either way, I plan on making something legit.

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