Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Century Mark

Alright, I wanted to do something special for the blog’s 100th post; unfortunately, I’ve got nothing in mind and it’s coming in on time to post up the week 4 NFL predictions…

I want to thank everyone who has been supporting the blog. I want to thank Enigma for helping out with the writing/posting, and her focus on trying to kick ass on the layout. I’d also like to thank newly-listed writer Jesscah for the contributions she will make and hope you all can dig what she does.

I’ve still got another author or two I’d like to bring to the site… and I’ve got some huge plans in mind to go along with the title-change. My life’s just in a crazy mode right now outside of the blog, so some of my plans are being postponed just a bit; but there no procrastination going on with these ideas.

So again, thanks for keeping up with us, and a big thanks to everyone who has been spreading the link for me! Keep it up, we’ve been doing real good………….

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