Sunday, October 3, 2010

London Derby - Chelsea vs. Arsenal

With Manchester United failing to capitalise during their match against Sunderland yesterday, it gave Chelsea the perfect opportunity to extend their lead at the top of the Premier League table, the only obstacle being Arsenal, who before this weekend ranked third in the table.

Cue the all important London derby match...

With the death of his father 4 days ago, it was thought that Chelsea's manager, Carlo Ancelotti, would stay after the funeral yesterday, but he had his heart set on seeing his team through the match. Luckily for him, his boys in a blue didn't let him down. With the final score being Chelsea 2, Arsenal nil, it was just what he needed.

The game itself was fairly equal in possession. They both had the same amount of corners, but Arsenal had a lot more fouls. Arsenal took more shots than Chelsea, but more of Chelsea's shots were on target. There were moments where Arsenal dominated but they rarely challenged Chelsea goalkeeper, Petr Cech.

The first half was tough but Didier Drogba, who missed the win against Marseille due to a ban, managed to sneak a cheeky goal in the near post, converting Ashley Cole's cross. His goal today means that he has now scored 13 goals in 13 matches against Arsenal. In the second half Alex sealed the win with a powerful 35-yard free-kick, which curved into the top right of the net beautifully.

All in all a very exciting match to watch, with both teams fighting hard.

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