Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ultimate Horror Monster

I've been waiting to publish this for a while, saved it for a rainy day... I haven't been much for writing recently (ill) but I wanted to update the blog with something and hopefully it gets some hits. It also helps that Halloween is just around the corner.

I won't be featuring any of those weak, punk ass goblins. I've narrowed this list down to just a few.

  1. Michael Myers
  2. Jason Voorhees
  3. Freddy Krueger
  4. The Leprechaun
  5. Leatherface
  6. Chuckie

These are the ultimate horror monsters. They're the most notable, recognizable names in the industry of gore. Of this list, only one character is slightly based on a real life individual, however, not many connections can be made between the two, so the aspect of realism is still slightly skewed and won't play much of a factor in this decision. 4 of the characters are real-world characters, using very little supernatural prowess in their roles. Myers and Leatherface are the only characters not overly exaggerated in order to make them more horrifying.

The first of my eliminations from this list is Chuckie. A killer doll from a transplant by mind and that bleeds the blood of the human whom possesses his body by telekinesis? The scare factor is there for children... but Chuckie isn't frightening or bad ass enough.

Next elimination is The Leprechaun. My Irish blood contributed to my belief of this horrid individual. To take a creature which isn't horrifying, and make him killer of anyone who possesses a piece of his gold? The plot was terrific. However he's a Leprechaun who can appear where and when he wants... yet good luck charms prove to be his kryptonite? Don't abandon the laws of Irish lore.

My third elimination is Jason Voorhees. The monster of Camp Crystal Lake is the all-time body count champion of horror films. Yet my problem is with his supernatural abilities. I dislike the fact that he's a zombie who cannot drown yet cannot swim... but when cast back into the water, panics and drowns. I also dislike the fact that while he's able to return film after film, it also takes him years to make his return, and his ability to regenerate is as absurd an ability as a horror monster can have.

My next elimination is Leatherface. While terrifying, the shock-horror lacks in a very big way. The fact that it could be real almost outweighs that. But we're going to eliminate him based on the fact that it was more of a gore-based action film rather than the typical horror-based potential it could have had.

So the final comes down to Freddy Krueger (perhaps the most supernatural and silly of all horror-film characters) vs. Michael Myers. And the final elimination is...

Freddy Krueger! While Freddy easily could be argued as the most frightening character in horror of all time, the very moniker of killing people in their dreams and them dying the same way in the real world, really dampens the aspect of him being a truly frightening character. Granted, the fact that his targets were adult really gives him a boost... Freddy has scared people of all ages out of falling asleep due to the fear of his kills coming true.

Michael Myers wins this contest because he's simply a human being with an extremely high tolerance to pain. He's a certified loon who, as a kid, murdered his sister on Halloween. He eventually breaks out of the ward with a very ingenious plan, and slaughters his way towards his sister, using brute strength, malicious intent, and a brilliant mind to torture everyone in his path. He's shot, blown up, etc. on his way, but all it does it create a stumble for the man who will eventually make his way back. Besides, it's awesome that he wears that pale mask leaving his eyes exposed so that his victims can see the evil behind an expressionless face.

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