Saturday, October 2, 2010

Uncommon Sense Pt. II

Okay, so I was having a discussion with my mother on the phone today where I had to re-reference uncommon sense. From what I can recall of the conversation; I had been referencing the storms along the East Coast of the United States this week.

There was an average total of 17 inches of rain dropped on the entire East Coast in the span of 2½ days. This is a huge deal seeing as it’s the East Coast (they’ve now had a multiple hurricane/tropical storm/depression slam into them this season, even rarer than the rain totals over the weeks) doesn’t normally see these kinds of storms. But the thing that most pissed me off was people’s reactions to the storm.

We’ve ALL seen on television, the infamous coverage of Hurricane Katrina. The East Coast is not unfamiliar with floods or anything of the sort... but people still find a way to be completely and utterly idiotic:

News coverage – I shit you not, this idiot anchor on Fox News said something along the lines of, “These storms have been horrible, perhaps among the worst the East Coast has ever seen.” I’ll give him that line, it’s got some truth to it, and it’s a wise observation. But then he proceeded to say, “This region has been devastated. Why us? Our country has rarely experienced storms of these magnitudes.”

I cut the television off – I was fuming. I could not believe what I had just heard. “Why us?”!? First of all, the only deaths I’ve heard of from these storms were the result of idiot people going out and driving as though it was a light drizzle… there is minimal damage aside from the flooding. The South has experienced far worse in one hour of many-a-storm to hit; this is nothing. “Why us?”!? Maybe it’s just time for the East Coast who takes for granted never being a part of what the South has gone through.

And then you’ve got the idiot people going out and driving as though it was a sprinkle – again, we’re not dumbfounded by floods… but people STILL go out and do stupid shit like drive through 2 feet of rain!


It reminded me of a clip I had seen on the news the other day of a child laying between the tracks on the railroad, letting freight trains pass over. Plenty of random shit hangs beneath trains, then you consider the speed and force which can lift you, or blow a shirt up to hook onto something. What if the axles on one of the cars were to slip and slam down and smash into you? Not to mention the possibility of the planks under the tracks bouncing, throwing you up into the air...

I get it, people consider this a thrill. It’s every bit the danger of sky-diving, base-jumping, destruction derbies, etc…

…it’s all STUPID SHIT!

To those of you doing this stupid fucking train-chicken shit… I challenge you to step it up! Find a new game! How about Russian Roulette? 6-piece revolver, 4 bullets… 6 friends in the circle. I mean, it’s the same exact risk. And Hell, by the end of the cycle, we’ll have rid our planet of four idiots!

We’re no longer in the age where common sense exists. Not enough people have it… and those of us who do, lay defenseless in the path of these idiots on our planet! I’m not for any mass extermination; but we’ve got to find a way to limit the idiots on this planet.

If you’re going to be another statistic; perhaps you should make it count!

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