Monday, December 6, 2010

A first-Hand Account from the Tundra

Can we just take a minute and talk about how my campus is officially a Tundra?
It's been snowing since Friday.
As all of you well know, today is Monday.
Currently the temperature is 13.8 degrees, Fahrenheit. Today, it barely broke 18.
Our first snow came at the beginning of October. Insane.
But it's been so windy here these past few days that if you open your mouth to speak, your teeth start to hurt from the cold.
It's hard to walk around and actually see where you're going because it's cold on your eyes; that and they keep getting pelted with huge snowflakes.
I love snow. I really do. But this is just insane. If it weren't for the wind, we'd be alright!
I think the weather just needs to calm down a bit...
I've already fallen once this week due to the snow (albeit melted...) I slipped in front of the elevators and landed on my left knee, ripping the knee of my sleep pants and bruising my knee. It even bled! I do not appreciate that at all...
It makes me not want to leave my dorm. My room smells nasty (not my fault- a story for another time, maybe) and I can't even open the window to let in fresh air. I can't go out to get food like usual because I freeze. It's insane!
On the upside, I've gotten a lot of writing done. My fans are pretty happy for that... two chapters in two days = very pleased readers.
Where ever you lovely people are staying, keep warm!
If it's snowing, remember to be careful driving and be wary of ice!
Have a safe winter!

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