Sunday, March 20, 2011

007 - Blah Blah Blah

Alright, I haven't done a track of the day in some time, but I've been waiting for this song/video to release for a while. I can promise you that the Special Agent is about as good lyrically as I've heard from anyone trying to come up in the game, and his flow is versatile, the kid can do a lot of things, and he's still looking to improve himself.

I support a lot of you up-and-comers, so some reblogging, retweeting, or however the hell you pass on your material, would be much appreciated.

First of all, 007 is doing his videos from here on out in the style of a movie he is putting together, so best believe we're already looking forward to the rest. Furthermore, the video itself was put together nicely.

Onto the song though: this beat comes in hard... like, the type of spazz that makes you wanna get out the seat and just vibe to this shit. Lyrically, Double0 is on top of his game right now (even though, again, he'll tell you himself he's still looking to improve).

Basically, this track is nice, beginning to end, and the video does this song justice. Besides, I know most of you out there (dudes and females alike) can appreciate the point of this song. Tired of hearin' all that Blah Blah Blah!

And you can find all of his contact information at the end of the video, so follow him, add him as a friend, peep his videos, chop it up with him when you see him online!

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