Friday, March 25, 2011

A Life Update..

Lots of exciting things happening with the blog because Sean has finally got his act together! It’s a shame that when one of us decides to post the others go quiet, and I’m guilty of that, so sorry again. I always feel like I’m apologising, but I really am so busy at the moment. Lots and lots going on in my personal life.

Too many deadlines all of a sudden, exams I need to revise for, coursework I need to.. I would say complete but I think the correct word is “start”! My plan at the start of February failed me, or rather I failed it, since I’m nowhere near as organised or well read as I hoped to be at this stage. I plan on changing all that after I post this though.

It’s not just university that has got me down though. A friend recently quoted “thinking of your past when standing with your present, isn’t a good thing”, which is very true, only I’m thinking about my present but in the past. This time last year I had someone I love here and I miss him very much. I was thinking back to the excitement of knowing I was going to see him. Unfortunately, my reliving this makes me feel like I’ve been robbed because he’s not here now. I’m sure if I asked him he would come see me in a heartbeat but, and this is going to sound really sad and pretty awful, I’m simply far too busy.

You’re thinking… why is she writing this post to us then?!... well, that’s simple. I have a lot on my mind and no one to talk to about it. Everyone else in my life is swamped or have things going for them that they need to deal with, plus everyone has their own issues and problems, I’m not about to dump my emotional baggage on anyone. It also feels good to write this out my system though.

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life. I may sound down but I still enjoy living. I just wish I could live more for me in the present instead of living for my future, but hey, that’s life!

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