Thursday, March 24, 2011

You DoMain!

I recently (this morning) looked into purchasing a domain… but I’m left here thinking, I don’t really know shit about purchasing a domain. Some of the best deals, I probably won’t need here with the blog… but I don’t want to pay more for absolute less. I’m also skeptical on how many pages I need available, and how I can move the blog over to the domain (I know blogspot offers you to use your domain here, but I want to move all this to the domain if I purchase it).

So I asked Enigma, and she’s got no more clue than I do. I suppose I should ask her to ask one of her friends whom probably would know about this shit and make her say “duh, should have thought of that” but she’s busy focusing on her studies right now, so I don’t want to be too much a burden to her.

Ignorance really isn’t bliss right now…

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