Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Me Again..

Want another life update?

If you said yes, good! You're going to get one. If you said no, well.. sorry for your luck.

Had a bit of a manic two weeks. Two practical write ups due, one assignment, one class test, two practicals and finally a practical test. That was all over on Friday. Busy and very stressful. Finally able to enjoy my Easter holidays now. Spent this weekend working and will spend the next two weeks revising because I have two more class tests after the holidays, a week "break", then end of module exams.. The fun times just keep on rolling!

Hopefully I'll get organised and try and set up some placements, been meaning to do that since January as I'm sure you're aware. We'll see though.

Today was a good day, nice and sunny. A few members of my family dropped by today which was nice. My aunt, her husband, her daughter and her daughters boyfriend then that same Aunts brother, so my uncle, his wife and his youngest daughter, all packed into our little living room. My uncle was supposed to run the London Marathon today, but had an injury so he couldn't participate. It was nice to meet him since I've never met him before, to be fair my mothers not even met him. It's because my dad hasn't seen him since 1980! They couldn't spend much time catching up though. Hopefully we'll see them again while they're here.

Plans for this next week? Well, like I said earlier, revision and catching up with friends from high school since they're all down for Easter.