Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 NBA Finals Prediction - Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

…sound familiar? That’s because the 2006 NBA Finals was the exact same, only this time, Dallas is old and was written off before the playoffs even started despite being the third seed in the West. Dirk has been on a rampage, destroying anyone in his path. On the other side, we’ve got the Miami Heat, still manned by Dwyane Wade, but with the additions of LeBron James and Chris Bosh. I shouldn’t have to rattle out the numerous storylines (The Decision, The Crying Game, The Clutchless King) as you should already know them all.

So to jump straight into my predictions:

Number of Games: 6
Champions: Miami Heat
Finals MVP: LeBron James (though it will really belong to Wade)

This series will be determined (much like 2006) on the play of Dwyane Wade. It comes down to home effective he can be against a Jason Kidd who has been smothering defensively against guys who he shouldn’t have ever been covering. LeBron will play a critical role and reel stats like LeBron does, so he’ll win the MVP trophy, but it will be due to Wade’s ability to open the game up, and leave LeBron one-on-one. And Wade’s play away from the ball will open LeBron’s game up in the post where he should have some spectacular dunks.

The only way I see Dallas running away with this one is if Dirk can force the Heat to foul him. The Mavericks need to be as potent in the 4th quarter as they’ve been all throughout the playoffs. Even though the Heat impressed in the 4th defensively against Chicago, they’re still so vulnerable and unproven in the 4th, especially when Bosh isn’t having a great game to take the pressure off of LeBron. I still maintain that to beat the Heat, you’ve got to be within 10 of them at halftime, and this Mavericks team definitely has the talent to do that.

But I maintain the posterboy finally gets his ring…

Sunday, May 29, 2011

[May 29, 2011]Track of the Day: Grieves – “Bloody Poetry”; Sab The Artist – “Lookin’ At Girls”

Huge shoutout to Rhymesayers in this post, have to give you a double, with two of my favorite songs from the Family Tour show we went to last month by artists not named Slug.

First up is Grieves’ song “Bloody Poetry”.

My first exposure to this track was at the Family Tour last month. The beat is crazy with the keys and the bass is nice… and producer Budo on the trumpet and guitar really solidifies the beat. Lyrically, “poetry” is a focus, and Grieves supplies some nice lines that make you think of the multiple meanings.

The hook is awesome too and the track really is complete all the way through.

Listen Here: 

Next up is Sab’s “Lookin’ at Girls”. This song just jams from beginning to end, and it speaks volumes in relativity. The breakdown at the bridge when the beat switches up a little is a crazy touch to this track, and the chorus itself, well… I dare you to tell me it’s not catchy and mean it.

Listen Here:

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Sab’s Twitter: @sabtheartist

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[May 26, 2011]Track of the Day: D.Ment.It – Get Your Shark On

First of all, I wanna send a shout out to WECU, Jase and Tre been holding shit down. If it weren’t for their movement, I probably wouldn’t have encountered D.

D.Ment.It is located out of Baltimore and has a rugged sound in this track. Recently I’ve been listening to some more hardcore shit, and had to go back to find a lot of it because nowadays, nobody ever really feels like punching someone in the face apparently. So when D shot this one to me, I liked the style, perfect timing.

He takes some shots at a few names (Wayne, Slaughterhouse, Plies, Gucci, Lil’ B), carries a really crisp flow and has a ton of energy. He’s got some shit that isn’t hardcore if you do fuck with other styles, he speaks his mind a lot, so you can catch him in a variety of different moods, but definitely download and bump his track.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Viewing On The Rise...

...some of my marketing techniques have helped us reach our new highest mark for views in a month for this month... and I'm hoping to continue this upward trend. 700 views is cool by me for now, but I'd really like to surpass 1000 and stay on the upside of that mark...

...here's hoping you all help to advertise DontLaughPeople with us!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Raptures Are Extinct!

Disclaimer: The title of this post is just a witty punchline due to the following joke… not to be confused with me saying the Rapture will never happen.

“Harold Camping is an idiot, talking about this Rapture. Didn’t those things go extinct millions of years ago?”

So, Harold Camping was wrong. Gee, haven’t we heard that one before? Thanks to social networking faster than the speed of light, Camping’s “prediction” spread like the fireball he was predicting would consume the Earth. We are as much at fault for enabling this as the pamphlet passers who drove around the nation polluting the atmosphere with CO2 much the same way they polluted our minds with this false prophecy. The fact they caused so much damage to our air probably contributed to our mental state of considering some legitimacy to the stupidity they were spewing.

May 21st came and went like any other day… and Camping has yet to go on record to explain what went wrong. As I noted before the time of the predicted events, his excuses would go something like:

“I was incorrect in my math, I must have missed something.”

“The entire world must be damned.”

“There is no God.”

He might have something else up his sleeve for an explanation, but I can’t fathom he’d admit he was wrong and that Jesus was right when he said no man, not even himself, nor any angel in Heaven, only the Father would know the day and the hour. He couldn’t admit that last time; he won’t admit it this time. Camping’s Bible Prophecy is ludicrous solely because the man doesn’t grasp that the bible is filled with direct quotes from Jesus himself. Jesus never lied, that’s a trait of evil. Don’t take Jesus quotes for lies… man will NOT know when the Rapture approaches, and predicting an end time and getting people all worked up serves no purpose but to create fear and terror.

God wants Judgment Day to approach “like a thief in the night” so that humanity has no chance at trying to deceive God with false regret for their actions. Every criminal pleads innocent… or so I’ve been told. The fact of the matter is, we’re not meant to know, for our own good. People got worked up and panicked, and had anything seemed to be working in Camping’s favor the other night, chaos would have ensued.

One of the largest problems I had with Camping’s prediction is this idea that God won’t save people of other religious beliefs as though he tailored history solely for Christianity to arise and be the chosen people. Wrong, God made Jesus a Jew, first and foremost… Jesus AS a Jew was accepted by God. So Judaism obviously gets an opportunity as well. But let us not forget either, the Muslims who are prevalent in the Bible… and they were not an evil people. Catholicism pretty much fathered Christianity, so Catholics need be considered as well.

But Camping also predicted only 200 million souls past and present, dead and alive, would be saved. That’s less than a third of the population. I’m of the belief that there are far more than 200 million Christians alone throughout history who are worthy of eternity; surely God doesn’t just draw from a hat and leave the worthy behind to suffer by the heathens. That leaves people wondering if they’ve done enough to be saved, and if they’ll be chosen over the next person. Then consider this fact: the planet Earth in comparison to the entire universe, isn’t even comparable to a grain of sand in comparison to the planet Earth… yet Earth could house billions of people at any given time, along with the buried of however many billions have lived here, not to mention the hundreds of billions of other creatures we’ve got on our planet. So in eternity, God could not house more than 200 million souls from throughout all of history? Eternity wouldn’t exceed the size of the universe?

Harold Camping is a heretic, a false prophet, and we should treat him as such. Live your lives, people! Try and do right by God, but don’t worry about the imminent end, or impending doom.

Anyways, I need a haircut!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Apocalypse... Now!

So, in case you haven’t heard, tomorrow (May 21, 2011) marks the beginning of the end of the world… the Rapture. For those unfamiliar with what the Rapture is, it marks when Jesus returns to Earth selecting the chosen and leaving behind the heathens to take from this world to the Heavens to prepare them for the final battle between good and evil.

Well, this guy has determined via a math problem via information he uncovered in the bible that the Rapture takes place tomorrow, starting a 5-month series of events leading to judgment day. I’d get into the math problem if I could be bothered opening links anywhere on the web right now, but I’d rather just type this up.

Before we get started going any further into why this is or isn’t legitimate, I want to first note that mankind has failed hundreds, if not thousands, of times trying to determine when the end will come. We’re still awaiting the Mayan prediction of December 21, 2012… an event I share the same beliefs I’m about to reveal about THIS event. On top of the numerous failures, this guy HAS been wrong twice once before.

Okay, so via his math by some word problem hidden in the bible, he’s come to this conclusion. On top of that, he also spent his life savings of $140,000 on advertisement. When asked, he said the money doesn’t mean anything after the world ends. When asked about his math though, he was quick to plug his book. In which he explained every step of this word problem he solved. Well, what better way to show you don’t care about money than to tell people they have to BUY your book within 4 days to find proof of the math problem which unlocked the date of the Rapture.

I also love the way he broke down the bible so intricately that he failed to look at anything meaningful, such as quotes from Jesus himself. Jesus said that nobody will know the day or the hour when the Rapture will come… I’ll take Jesus’ word first. But let’s imagine for a second this guy is on to something and the guy who walked on water is wrong… God doesn’t let anyone know when the end is going to come solely because he wants you to treat each moment you spend on this planet as if it is your final judgment under his eyes.

Now, think of all the mothers and fathers who will ultimately spend these final moments hoping they’re saved; poor little children whose faith can be shaken, or lost. I envision a 9 year old child sitting there wondering if they’re damned if there is no Rapture. If there isn’t Rapture, are we ALL damned?

Once again, I’ll take Jesus’ word for it when he says none of us will know. Unless this guy is Jesus himself? Hmm…

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Family Tour

So I made reference in that last post of a concert I attended a few weeks back. The day was actually chill as Hell. April 27, 2011, at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC to see Atmosphere on The Family Tour with Sab The Artist, Grieves & Budo, DJ Abilities, and Blueprint.

We took the Metro, my first public transportation since my trip to London down to a block and a half away from the club, walked up and got in line. We made it with time to catch Slug of Atmosphere outside walking up and down the line chilling with the fans and taking pictures, headed in and got a nice spot right next to the bar and close enough to the stage to feel every inch of your body vibrate with the bass from the speakers, though I imagine it was like that in every inch of the club.

DJ Abilities opened the show with a few record spins, and then Sab came on and performed. I had never really heard anything from him, but I liked the popular-style while still remaining a part of the conscious-rap genre. He definitely did a lot with the fans that were there with most still having not shown up at that point.

Grieves and Budo came on next and Grieves really put on a show for the crowd. The guy really knows how to get people into it, played around on the stage and performed a couple really hype songs to really get the crowd into it.

DJ Abilities came in for his second set after Grieves and really got the crowd jamming with a couple Outkast songs. Then Blueprint came on and completely turned the place upside down with his incredible sound. Midway through his set though, everyone’s cellphones started going off with tornado warnings for the entire DC area.

Atmosphere finally set up and looking around, the place was packed with maybe 75 more people than before. Slug chose to stick with a relatively old set of songs, playing a lot of his classics. It got a very good response though, and the crowd overwhelmed Slug a few times with the reaction. The newer tracks got a very good response as well.

Coming home, luckily we made it to the car from the Metro before the storm hit but had to drive home in the rain. But overall, it was one of my favorite concert experiences.

NFL "Off" Season - Redskins QB Woes?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve kept relatively busy with movies, family gatherings, and a concert. I’ve done a little here and there for the blog, but mainly just been out of it. For me, this has been a crazy season solely because the NFL Lockout really limits what you can or can’t write about in regards to the league. None of us has any clue as to the direction the league takes if/when it resumes, and IF/WHEN it resumes. The uncertainty in every facet of the NFL right now really dulls the intrigue to write about anything that could be an interesting topic.

But I want to address the Redskins a little bit here. Assuming there’s some direction with the team, I think it’s very wise to point out that perhaps Shanahan didn’t draft a quarterback this year because he wasn’t confident in the veteran group that would be ahead of this rookie to teach him. Sure, everyone wants to strike oil with a Peyton Manning, start him from his rookie season on, and not have to worry. And who am I to say that Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t have been a bona fide badass from day one if Favre weren’t in place in Green Bay?

But I believe the Aaron Rodgers blueprint is your greatest bet at success from the Quarterback position. You want a system in place, with a veteran who understands that system. When that veteran’s time has come, you want a young guy who you drafted two years ago who has been learning from that veteran the nuances of the game, and you want him as mentally ready for the game as possible.

This system doesn’t work often though, largely in part because finding a bona fide QB is tough to do. For every Peyton Manning or Sam Bradford, there’s three or four Kyle Bollers. Even tougher than that is the need to “win now!” Coaches in the NFL are on the shortest leash possible, no matter their credentials. Owners don’t want to take time to build anything, and injuries exist. But, looking at last season and this “off” season, Mike Shanahan has proven one major thing; this is not Dan Snyder’s control anymore…

So here’s hoping the Redskins do find that veteran QB who can last us several seasons while we find our Aaron Rodgers to replace him…

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Petition To Twitter

Perhaps there are better ways to go about this, but tweeting it once a week hasn't worked, so hopefully something a little more concrete that hopefully more of my followers will pick up on and support will finally get this done.

When I registered with Twitter however long ago, the tag @SeanBishop was taken, so I had to settle for @Sean_Bishop. Fair enough, not odd symbols or numbers needed after the fact... however, it strikes me as odd every time I see my mentions and log-in with the underscore in the middle of my name.

The @SeanBishop account belongs to someone whose name is not listed as Sean Bishop... and there are all of 2 Tweets by the account, both dated back to well before I had even registered with Twitter. There has been no apparent activity with the account. Meanwhile, I, @Sean_Bishop, am by far the most active Sean Bishop on all of Twitter, and have constantly bombarded @twitter's mentions with a plea to allow me to have the tag.

Twitter is a fast-growing, in the moment and for the future social networking site. The current @SeanBishop account, not being active in over 4 years and not networking or being social, should be closed out and my account should be able to take over the tag. Twitter, in it's immediate and ever-growing state, should be deleting any account which has been inactive (no Tweets) for over 6 months. It would save plenty of space and provide the site with a more stable basis, while also remaining an up-to-date, fast, social, network.

So please, sign here, or bombard the @twitter account for me, and help me get the tag @SeanBishop for myself!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Soundtrack To My Month Of May - Track 2

So in March I posted up one of my soundtracks. I'm reposting this song, because, firstly, the official video has been released and I think it's amazing - a strange cross between Gaga, P!nk and Gwen, and secondly, it's still a tune!

Once again, I give you, my favourite Brit of the moment, Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect, enjoy the new video!

Soundtrack To My Month Of May - Track 1

Kicking this month off with an old one. Since I first heard it this song has been on of my favourites. I have great love for this band and was slightly upset at myself when I realised I hadn't listened to them in a while.

I give you, Incubus - Pardon Me, enjoy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Appreciate The Love

When I wrote up my NFL Mock Draft, the last thing I expected to happen was to have a network pick it up and list it on their site and get 300+ views from it. Well, within 3 days, I was up to 300 views. After the draft, the hype of it died down a bit, as expected.

So I wrote a draft grade for the Washington Redskins, and I posted it in the comments of the Redskins' Blog, run by Matt Terl. Within days, I've trumped the record-views my Mock set and I'm up over 350 views on my recap/grade. 

So for everyone who has been checking this stuff out in the last week, I really appreciate the support!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Washington Redskins Draft Recap/Grade

It’s Sunday, May 01, 2011 and that means the 2011 NFL Draft is finished. My site-record-viewed 1st Round Mock Draft was off… WAY off. And while I’ll be focusing mainly on the Redskins, I want to take a look at several occurrences that may have really caused us to focus on the draft the way we did.

The first big shocker in my eyes was the Broncos’ selection of Von Miller. Denver is converting back to a 4-3 defense, and Miller’s talents in rushing the passer are more suited as a 3-4 OLB. I can’t imagine him putting his hand in the dirt, and I don’t see him playing a 4-3 OLB where he’ll be in coverage a little more. However you slice it though, I still see Denver as a possible trade partner for the Redskins to dump Haynesworth, who would be able to play the style of football he prefers under Fox… no, not the lazy kind, the kind that actually gets to attack the quarterback.

The Atlanta Falcons packaged everything to acquire who I believed was the best WR in the draft, and maybe the last 4-5 drafts in Julio Jones, who I had coming to us at the 10th pick and believe he could have been ours. This move was stupid for the Falcons because of how much they gave up for him, how much mid-round talent there was at the position, and the fact that WR was by far not a weakness at all. In the playoffs, Matt Ryan threw poorly; making horrible decisions and underthrowing good routes, even to his All-Pro WR Roddy White. And no, Ryan doesn’t shoulder all the blame for the collapse… the DEFENSE fell apart significantly. I can’t be convinced that the Bills wouldn’t have taken what the Falcons offered so the Falcons could have acquired a true need in DT Dareus… it astonishes me that the Falcons continue to think that adding offensive tools while their defense lacks is what is going to put them over the hump. Look within the division at the Saints, who addressed offense for years and didn’t get it done, even with the 1st ranked passing offense and near-record-setting Brees… they won their championship when they added to a struggling defense and found themselves the genius of Gregg Williams. Atlanta’s woes will not end, and they gave up all hopes of finding that defensive piece next year when they fall flat on their face in the Playoffs.

Then you have the absurdity of the Titans taking Jake Locker with the 8th pick in the draft. I still think Shanahan might have taken a chance if Locker was available.

And then the Minnesota Vikings taking Christian Ponder, who may have actually been on Shanahan’s list also. Minnesota has been rumored for a while as a possible landing-place for McNabb via trade, so there may be value still coming from Minnesota if the league ever re-opens.

But enough with all the speculation and what-if’s… let’s focus on the here-now.

The Redskins entered the Draft with few selections, and were without a 3rd and 4th round pick. Thanks to finding great value in trades, the Redskins ultimately walked away with 12 picks, and at one point were in possession of 13. You can only enter a season with 53 players on your roster, and only 45 can suit up every game. You can have practice squad players, but they’re free to be acquired by other teams. Assuming the Redskins keep all 12 picks on board, they’ve overhauled 1/5th of the active roster.

But let’s face facts, someone for whatever reason will not make this team more than likely, either being outcompeted, not talented enough, not adept at playing special teams as well as holding a roster spot. Maybe a free agent is available eventually at that position who offers more than an unproven rookie. But here is the list of the Redskins’ draftees.