Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 NBA Finals Prediction - Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

…sound familiar? That’s because the 2006 NBA Finals was the exact same, only this time, Dallas is old and was written off before the playoffs even started despite being the third seed in the West. Dirk has been on a rampage, destroying anyone in his path. On the other side, we’ve got the Miami Heat, still manned by Dwyane Wade, but with the additions of LeBron James and Chris Bosh. I shouldn’t have to rattle out the numerous storylines (The Decision, The Crying Game, The Clutchless King) as you should already know them all.

So to jump straight into my predictions:

Number of Games: 6
Champions: Miami Heat
Finals MVP: LeBron James (though it will really belong to Wade)

This series will be determined (much like 2006) on the play of Dwyane Wade. It comes down to home effective he can be against a Jason Kidd who has been smothering defensively against guys who he shouldn’t have ever been covering. LeBron will play a critical role and reel stats like LeBron does, so he’ll win the MVP trophy, but it will be due to Wade’s ability to open the game up, and leave LeBron one-on-one. And Wade’s play away from the ball will open LeBron’s game up in the post where he should have some spectacular dunks.

The only way I see Dallas running away with this one is if Dirk can force the Heat to foul him. The Mavericks need to be as potent in the 4th quarter as they’ve been all throughout the playoffs. Even though the Heat impressed in the 4th defensively against Chicago, they’re still so vulnerable and unproven in the 4th, especially when Bosh isn’t having a great game to take the pressure off of LeBron. I still maintain that to beat the Heat, you’ve got to be within 10 of them at halftime, and this Mavericks team definitely has the talent to do that.

But I maintain the posterboy finally gets his ring…

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