Friday, May 20, 2011

Apocalypse... Now!

So, in case you haven’t heard, tomorrow (May 21, 2011) marks the beginning of the end of the world… the Rapture. For those unfamiliar with what the Rapture is, it marks when Jesus returns to Earth selecting the chosen and leaving behind the heathens to take from this world to the Heavens to prepare them for the final battle between good and evil.

Well, this guy has determined via a math problem via information he uncovered in the bible that the Rapture takes place tomorrow, starting a 5-month series of events leading to judgment day. I’d get into the math problem if I could be bothered opening links anywhere on the web right now, but I’d rather just type this up.

Before we get started going any further into why this is or isn’t legitimate, I want to first note that mankind has failed hundreds, if not thousands, of times trying to determine when the end will come. We’re still awaiting the Mayan prediction of December 21, 2012… an event I share the same beliefs I’m about to reveal about THIS event. On top of the numerous failures, this guy HAS been wrong twice once before.

Okay, so via his math by some word problem hidden in the bible, he’s come to this conclusion. On top of that, he also spent his life savings of $140,000 on advertisement. When asked, he said the money doesn’t mean anything after the world ends. When asked about his math though, he was quick to plug his book. In which he explained every step of this word problem he solved. Well, what better way to show you don’t care about money than to tell people they have to BUY your book within 4 days to find proof of the math problem which unlocked the date of the Rapture.

I also love the way he broke down the bible so intricately that he failed to look at anything meaningful, such as quotes from Jesus himself. Jesus said that nobody will know the day or the hour when the Rapture will come… I’ll take Jesus’ word first. But let’s imagine for a second this guy is on to something and the guy who walked on water is wrong… God doesn’t let anyone know when the end is going to come solely because he wants you to treat each moment you spend on this planet as if it is your final judgment under his eyes.

Now, think of all the mothers and fathers who will ultimately spend these final moments hoping they’re saved; poor little children whose faith can be shaken, or lost. I envision a 9 year old child sitting there wondering if they’re damned if there is no Rapture. If there isn’t Rapture, are we ALL damned?

Once again, I’ll take Jesus’ word for it when he says none of us will know. Unless this guy is Jesus himself? Hmm…

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