Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Family Tour

So I made reference in that last post of a concert I attended a few weeks back. The day was actually chill as Hell. April 27, 2011, at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC to see Atmosphere on The Family Tour with Sab The Artist, Grieves & Budo, DJ Abilities, and Blueprint.

We took the Metro, my first public transportation since my trip to London down to a block and a half away from the club, walked up and got in line. We made it with time to catch Slug of Atmosphere outside walking up and down the line chilling with the fans and taking pictures, headed in and got a nice spot right next to the bar and close enough to the stage to feel every inch of your body vibrate with the bass from the speakers, though I imagine it was like that in every inch of the club.

DJ Abilities opened the show with a few record spins, and then Sab came on and performed. I had never really heard anything from him, but I liked the popular-style while still remaining a part of the conscious-rap genre. He definitely did a lot with the fans that were there with most still having not shown up at that point.

Grieves and Budo came on next and Grieves really put on a show for the crowd. The guy really knows how to get people into it, played around on the stage and performed a couple really hype songs to really get the crowd into it.

DJ Abilities came in for his second set after Grieves and really got the crowd jamming with a couple Outkast songs. Then Blueprint came on and completely turned the place upside down with his incredible sound. Midway through his set though, everyone’s cellphones started going off with tornado warnings for the entire DC area.

Atmosphere finally set up and looking around, the place was packed with maybe 75 more people than before. Slug chose to stick with a relatively old set of songs, playing a lot of his classics. It got a very good response though, and the crowd overwhelmed Slug a few times with the reaction. The newer tracks got a very good response as well.

Coming home, luckily we made it to the car from the Metro before the storm hit but had to drive home in the rain. But overall, it was one of my favorite concert experiences.

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