Sunday, May 29, 2011

[May 29, 2011]Track of the Day: Grieves – “Bloody Poetry”; Sab The Artist – “Lookin’ At Girls”

Huge shoutout to Rhymesayers in this post, have to give you a double, with two of my favorite songs from the Family Tour show we went to last month by artists not named Slug.

First up is Grieves’ song “Bloody Poetry”.

My first exposure to this track was at the Family Tour last month. The beat is crazy with the keys and the bass is nice… and producer Budo on the trumpet and guitar really solidifies the beat. Lyrically, “poetry” is a focus, and Grieves supplies some nice lines that make you think of the multiple meanings.

The hook is awesome too and the track really is complete all the way through.

Listen Here: 

Next up is Sab’s “Lookin’ at Girls”. This song just jams from beginning to end, and it speaks volumes in relativity. The breakdown at the bridge when the beat switches up a little is a crazy touch to this track, and the chorus itself, well… I dare you to tell me it’s not catchy and mean it.

Listen Here:

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