Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Petition To Twitter

Perhaps there are better ways to go about this, but tweeting it once a week hasn't worked, so hopefully something a little more concrete that hopefully more of my followers will pick up on and support will finally get this done.

When I registered with Twitter however long ago, the tag @SeanBishop was taken, so I had to settle for @Sean_Bishop. Fair enough, not odd symbols or numbers needed after the fact... however, it strikes me as odd every time I see my mentions and log-in with the underscore in the middle of my name.

The @SeanBishop account belongs to someone whose name is not listed as Sean Bishop... and there are all of 2 Tweets by the account, both dated back to well before I had even registered with Twitter. There has been no apparent activity with the account. Meanwhile, I, @Sean_Bishop, am by far the most active Sean Bishop on all of Twitter, and have constantly bombarded @twitter's mentions with a plea to allow me to have the tag.

Twitter is a fast-growing, in the moment and for the future social networking site. The current @SeanBishop account, not being active in over 4 years and not networking or being social, should be closed out and my account should be able to take over the tag. Twitter, in it's immediate and ever-growing state, should be deleting any account which has been inactive (no Tweets) for over 6 months. It would save plenty of space and provide the site with a more stable basis, while also remaining an up-to-date, fast, social, network.

So please, sign here, or bombard the @twitter account for me, and help me get the tag @SeanBishop for myself!