Sunday, May 15, 2011

NFL "Off" Season - Redskins QB Woes?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve kept relatively busy with movies, family gatherings, and a concert. I’ve done a little here and there for the blog, but mainly just been out of it. For me, this has been a crazy season solely because the NFL Lockout really limits what you can or can’t write about in regards to the league. None of us has any clue as to the direction the league takes if/when it resumes, and IF/WHEN it resumes. The uncertainty in every facet of the NFL right now really dulls the intrigue to write about anything that could be an interesting topic.

But I want to address the Redskins a little bit here. Assuming there’s some direction with the team, I think it’s very wise to point out that perhaps Shanahan didn’t draft a quarterback this year because he wasn’t confident in the veteran group that would be ahead of this rookie to teach him. Sure, everyone wants to strike oil with a Peyton Manning, start him from his rookie season on, and not have to worry. And who am I to say that Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t have been a bona fide badass from day one if Favre weren’t in place in Green Bay?

But I believe the Aaron Rodgers blueprint is your greatest bet at success from the Quarterback position. You want a system in place, with a veteran who understands that system. When that veteran’s time has come, you want a young guy who you drafted two years ago who has been learning from that veteran the nuances of the game, and you want him as mentally ready for the game as possible.

This system doesn’t work often though, largely in part because finding a bona fide QB is tough to do. For every Peyton Manning or Sam Bradford, there’s three or four Kyle Bollers. Even tougher than that is the need to “win now!” Coaches in the NFL are on the shortest leash possible, no matter their credentials. Owners don’t want to take time to build anything, and injuries exist. But, looking at last season and this “off” season, Mike Shanahan has proven one major thing; this is not Dan Snyder’s control anymore…

So here’s hoping the Redskins do find that veteran QB who can last us several seasons while we find our Aaron Rodgers to replace him…

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