Friday, June 3, 2011

Appreciate Your Loved Ones

Alright, I won’t do this ultra-serious shit often, but I want to say a little something. My apologies in advance if this sounds at all cliché.

Y’all need to appreciate your friends, family, and loved ones. It’s real typical and obvious to say, and to hear it, I know you’re thinking, “That’s true, but no shit!” My point isn’t about the typical though, it’s the atypical. Every last one of you has a family member, best friend, or the person they love who they may associate with still, or don’t associate with as much anymore. Whether your reason is legit (which it very well may be), you’re still growing distant with that person.

It’s easy to “blame” them for it as well. It might really be that person who is causing the gap to widen. But I want to remind you all that it’s still easy to pick up a phone or send a quick message on one of these social network sites, or whatever, and just let them know you’re still there if they ever need you.

Some of you are like this with a “friend” who always seems to be in need of something and you just can’t keep sacrificing. I understand that. I’ve been in that position. But chances are, those aren’t your real friends, they’re acquaintances… huge difference. But I know you all have a cousin, aunt, uncle, parent, sibling you just don’t speak to as often anymore, I’m sure you do, everyone does. Take some time out of your day that you’ll probably only use on Twitter in the first place, to let them know you thought about ‘em and hope they’re doing good, even if you don’t want to make plans to go chill at the mall and people-watch for a couple hours. “But Sean, that’s gay to tell some of these people you thought of them.” No, you’re gay for not being able to deflate your chest a little and let the people who you expect to be there for you when it comes down to crunch-time that you know they’d be there and you’d do the same.

Seriously, when’s the last time you just pulled your mom off the couch or kitchen counter and forced her to hug you? Not one of those hello-goodbye hugs, or those 3-second one-arm body contorted to the side hugs around the shoulder? One of those bearhugs with your face buried in her clavicle and you telling her thanks for helping you grow, giving you life, and being the most amazing woman in your world? When is the last time you stopped talking shit during commercial break of the game to tell your dad you love him and appreciate whatever he was able to supply you with in life?

To all my family, friends, and my woman, I love you all and miss you when we’re not around each other.

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