Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogger or Tumblr?

For some reason, Tumblr seems to be doing a lot better than Blogger and the networking over there is a lot better. I'm back and forth on which style of blogging I prefer... this seems like a more direct and full-means for doing what I want to do, but Tumblr's got a very fun direction and it's a lot easier to interact with the community over there.

I've been wondering what I can do to get more hits, and while the past two months, especially May, were very successful (May gave us our record for monthly views), I'm not sure how else to go about it. I almost feel cheated by Google in the fact that, I really don't know that anyone is seeing my blog on Blogger or through Google Search engines, it feels like any hits I get, it's directly because of me spamming links on Twitter and various other places, and having my site feed discovered through Twitter links and getting hits from being posted on a larger site.

I had a goal to set up my site and I wanted it to be through Blogger because it made the most sense and I wasn't going to be paying a ton for unnecessary features. But through a very limited advertisement of what Google offered when purchasing the domain, I'm left with no options of expanding Don't Laugh, People when I should have no problems with that.

So I'm stuck wondering if I should just move over to Tumblr for now to do my blogging as it's a more network-friendly site... if I should just create a Tumblr and post links to here from there, or if I should find a way to pick up my domain and carry it elsewhere, paying tonnes for unnecessary features.

Perhaps my commitment to Blogger and what I started is blinding me... maybe I've got to put on shades and just carry on...