Thursday, June 9, 2011

Second Best?

In life we often settle for second best. If we fancy a particular kind of ice-cream and the shop is out - we often choose something else that may reduce the craving but not satiate us. If we go to the cinema and the film we want to see is fully booked - we often choose something else to go and see, so as to not waste the journey. If the food joint we wanted to eat at is closed – we often go elsewhere. Generally in life we’re, maybe not happy to but certainly, willing to opt for something else. But should this be the case when it comes to relationships?

I understand dating someone who is second best if your first choice is uninterested in you, of course you have a right to move on and be with someone else and possibly learn to love that person more than your first choice. It’s when the person who’s second best knows they’re second best and put up with it, which is what I can’t understand.

Why would you stay with someone if you knew you weren’t their first choice? Is it because you hope they’ll get over this person and see you as first choice with time? Is it because they’re your first choice and you’re willing to ride their “crush” out? Or is it because you have extremely low self esteem?

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