Monday, June 6, 2011


What is this foul mood which develops when technology malfunctions or disappears?! I never realised how much I use my phone until I don't have it. I'm not too fancy with my technology. I don't have a smart phone or HTC or iPhone, nor am I addicted to Crackberry. I use my phone moderately - or so I thought - to make a few calls but mostly for texting. I use it as my alarm as well as my clock. Unfortunately, tonight, when I don't have it, due to a series of unfortunate events which are all related to rushing, I seem to need it the most.

I need to chase people up about plans for tomorrow and about a gift for tomorrow - for this I need phone numbers. Ah yes, that other thing phones are good for, storing numbers. Of course I have a paper address book.. which is, of course, empty. I also quite like hearing the voice of someone I love as I pass out, or receiving nice night time text messages. Then tomorrow, I need to wake up early, and I don't have my alarm to wake me. I will probably need to give other people wake up calls also.

It's sad that I'm looking forward to tomorrow, just so I can get my phone back and, what seems like, my life back! At least I still have the internet and Facebook to connect with people through otherwise I don't know what I'd do..

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