Sunday, June 12, 2011


I don’t do anything like this normally, but I have to today.

Most of you who follow me on Twitter probably already tune in to WECU Radio or check their site because you were affiliated with them before I even came along, but some of you aren’t familiar with them (yet). Last night’s show got thrown off track when co-host Tre had to deal with a family emergency. Jase carried on with the show and held it down even through the switchboard acting up.

Had fun after the show last night chatting with Soopa, Laos, Riles, and DC. Usually when the show cuts off air, we usually just bounce from the chat and carry on to Twitter or bed.

But I want to just ask you all to pray for Tre and his family for whatever they’re going through right now. I’m sure dude wants to update the WECU community with this, and we’re hoping we can get good news rather than bad, but no matter how it ends up, we need to pray now and later that his family is safe and okay.

I’ve promoted WECU on DLP since the show started up as WECU and you all should know that by now. All we can do is help each other rise and succeed. So if you support me (or even if you don’t) please hit up Tre on Twitter (@Tre_Is_WECU) or head on over to and leave a comment for him and wish him and his people well.

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