Sunday, August 21, 2011


An argument as old as the day the concept was uttered, or even older. Many people will have a different stance on the issue, such as whether or not abortion is murder, none of which can be discredited. These various views are due to the perception of when life begins. Is it at conception? Is it a few weeks in? Is it when the child is born? These 3 questions are grey areas as there is no definitely yes or no answer, it is totally dependant on who is being asked.

For those who believe life begins at conception does this mean that those people who have tried in vitro fertilisation are murderers? After all, in vitro fertilisation uses fertilised human eggs and often many of these eggs are not implanted and thrown away, does this count as murder? For those who believe it's a few weeks in, for many abortions the embryos are terminated in the first trimester. During the first trimester the embryo cannot survive outside the womb therefore it should not be considered a separate entity to its mother.

As a whole, in life, a number of choices present themselves and as individuals we have the right to choose. As a result of this not only can the mother/couple in question make a choice to keep or abort a child but doctors can choose whether or not to perform the service. In recent times the number of places that will perform abortions has reduced in number as some people find themselves not agreeing with abortion. This is totally just in the fact that no one should be forced to do something they don't agree with, but at the same time, don't doctors and others in the healthcare profession take an oath to help every patient they see, and treat each patient with the same care? If a cancer patient wanted a tumour to be removed and it could be done successfully, would a doctor refuse them that right? Most would probably encourage this. Many people requesting an abortion may feel that their embryo is like a tumour - sucking the life out of them and thriving.

On the other hand others may argue that the doctor has the right to advocate for the embryo and that the doctor has to do what's best for both the individuals. Once again, rules and regulation have been brought in to determine when it's too late for a foetus to be aborted, but is their determination too early or too late? By looking at the development of an embryo it is astonishing to see how far they come in such little time. By 6 weeks an embryo has developed eye spots, a heart bulge, a jaw, and arm and leg buds. By 8 weeks eyelids, hands, knee joints and a brain have started to form. By 10 weeks fingers, shoulders and ear lobes have developed. The progression of development just gets more real as the weeks go on. Is it really logical to say life begins when a baby is born or is it earlier than that?

All in all, choice is an important aspect of abortion. The choice for the patient and the choice for the doctor. A doctor who doesn't believe in abortion but believes in the woman's right to choose will be in a dilemma as to which side they should take. Personally I believe choice is important, after all we make choices all the time, most of which we aren't scrutinised for, therefore I believe in abortion. I also feel that those people who say they are against it but it depends on circumstance (such as those who would allow it/go through it if someone/they were raped) are hypocrites.


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