Saturday, October 8, 2011

RIP Al Davis

NFL-franchise Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has passed away. He was 82.

It feels absurd that I even begin to explain the legacy of Mr. Davis, I think that the best way to explain the man is "abnormal". That is intended in NO WAY as a knock against Davis, a former scout, coach, and GM... the Raiders were taken off by Al Davis and became one of the most feared franchises in the history of professional football.

As commissioner of the AFL, he was a key proponent in the merger of the AFL and NFL, leading us to this wonderful league we've got today.

Al Davis leaves us with his Oakland Raiders having won 3 Super Bowl's. Al Davis' legacy is the Will to Win and the Commitment to Excellence.

While many point to the last decade as being a sign that Davis had been passed by the game, I say to everyone loo no further than Bill Belichick's words last week about the man. "He was the greatest football-minded owner." He was a polarizing figure, and the several who were polar similar to him, weren't able to connect with Davis, and thus far, haven't truly been able to connect with the game of football, period. Al Davis made an impact on every coach, player, and person who worked in, with, or around his organization, and not a single one of them can say a bad thing about Mr. Davis without first saying 100 good things.

Mr. Davis was an incredible businessman and he took a chance with players and coaches of all backgrounds, and race never played a part in controversy for Al Davis.

Just Win Baby!

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