Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Analysis of the Washington Redskins and Fans

Okay, it’s finally time I present this long-winded rant about the Redskins. Just a quick disclaimer, there may be some foul language, I may target some people, and this is not going to be a rant all about the team or coaches… “fans” are as open a target as any.

First off, I want to point out the most apparent problem with the Washington Redskins this season, the offense. Even more important, the REASON for the problem, Kyle Shanahan. Sure, the players contribute, and for the last 2 weeks, everyone has said Kyle is not to blame for sacks, INT’s, deep attempts, balance, etc. I say to that, yeah right. And here, I provide the evidence to the theories I’ve been expressing here and on Twitter to which I’ve received hate for my opinion on the Kyle Shana-plan for 2011.

It all started with... READ THE REST HERE.

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