Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Alright, so I'm going to run down the events of my night, I suppose.

After Enigma went to bed for the first time in 2012, I was chilling with friends and we were getting ready to go to the bar... but first thing's first... I had to eat, because it would have been an empty stomach affair, and last time I did that, I puked all fucking night long.

So we had dinner, went to the bar, ordered our first beer, and looked for somewhere to sit, when this dude had offered us a couple spots at his table.

So we were drinking, he was with his wife, and they eventually ordered us a round of tequila... so we did a shot. That was my limit on liquor... I planned on just having a couple beers anyways, not getting totally shitfaced.

So they did a round of Jagerbombs and Cherrybombs, and I just stuck to a couple more beers while we rapped along with DMX, 2Pac & Dr. Dre, and then sang along with the likes of AC/DC & Aerosmith. We celebrated the countdown into the New Years, shared stories of asshole-ism, and they all danced a bit (I really don't dance, lmfao).

Anyways, it was time to go, and dude who we chilled with was trying to fight some big dude at the bar... but dude we were chilling with couldn't even sit in his chair at the bar with his head slumped over science-class movie sleep style ON the bar. I finally talked him into leaving (since I was the least drunk and closest to sober) and we got him downstairs and sat on the curb outside the bar with his wife.

We called the cab, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. His wife eventually freaked out thinking they didn't pay the tab, which I told her they wouldn't have let them out if they didn't pay, but she wasn't hearing it... so she pulled her drunk husband up off the curb. I turned to ask one of my friends to help me help him back inside, and then I heard bone hitting pavement... I turned and he was down for the count.

He closed his eyes and all I could think was "fuck, he just died on us!" and I wasn't ready for that shit! I saw he was breathing and he opened his eyes a bit... so we were cool. Some group of hispanics walked up and started fucking around, and I knew they were getting ready to get rowdy, but thankfully they decided against trying anything and shutup and left...

...we called another fucking cab, that shit finally came and we got them into their cab safely....

...being nice doesn't always pay off... the last hour of my night out SUCKED! But we had a pretty good fucking time, and dude didn't die and wasn't concussed apparently... home and safe in 2012.

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