Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LaRon Landry Discusses His Current State With The Redskins With Bleacher Report

Check the link, read up. Apparently LaRon Landry insists the team isn't telling the entire story, and won't pay for his treatment because it wasn't the treatment he wanted. However, he wants to remain with the team and maintains the treatment he is going through is the best for him, his career, the team, etc. He'd rather do this before going under the knife and losing a year & a half before he can even begin working out again.

From that perspective, if 100% truthful (and I can only take LaRon at his word right now), I can see where LaRon is coming from. It supports this rumored theory that perhaps 30 is afraid of surgery (who isn't?) although I won't speculate further on that other than to say he never said he was against having that done, but he'd rather it be a last resort. I prefer seeing LaRon get healthy at any cost, but I'm a fan.

I assumed earlier that this treatment didn't work last year, but the timetable we had said he would have recovered and Landry told people his achilles was eventually at 100%, so why the breakdown? Did the treatment not work? Or was he never really at 100%? Either way, you might be able to call foul on 30 for that one. However, perhaps he felt like he was there and it wasn't. 95% and 100% is hard to differentiate when you're anxious and fueling an adrenaline rush.

As a fan, I hope LaRon does get healthy and I hope he does get another year at the very least to work this out with the team. What I took from this is that he felt hurt and almost betrayed that they wouldn't let him seek his best interests, and I get the sense that LaRon genuinely cares for this team, organization, coaches, and this city. That belief will be tested if the team offers him a contract and he makes his decision; but I'd hope LaRon would be smart enough to stick around here and get everything sorted out and earn his massive payday and redeem whoever is to blame in this situation (assuming anyone is to blame for anything).

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