Monday, February 27, 2012

Robert Griffin III - Already Washington Redskins QB?


On Saturday, there was a report that the St. Louis Rams had discussed sending the second pick of the 2012 NFL Draft to the Washington Redskins. My first thought was filled with skepticism—this is the NFL offseason, a game of poker full of bluffs—but then when I sat and evaluated what was going on, the poker player in me took precedence. You never bluff a specific hand.

Well, several things happened at the 2012 NFL Combine with the Quarterbacks that really made the report of the Rams & Redskins discussions stand out. Firstly, Washington Redskins quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur was seen practically crowding Baylor Bears QB Robert Griffin III the entire day, and not spending much time near any other quarterback the Redskins should be interested in at all in the event that Griffin becomes unavailable. Secondly, Griffin’s demeanor during his interview with NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, Kurt Warner, and Mike Mayock seemed very odd. When asked about teams who had interviewed him, RG3 skimmed through a couple teams, laughed at the notion of Seattle trading up to get him, but then confirmed that he had talked to Shanahan and that “it was awesome!”

Quarterbacks rarely delve into that sort of art, and especially not a guy as witty and crafty as Griffin. Not even Cam Newton tipped his own hand with knowledge that the Panthers had already secured a deal with him. So my question then became, “what does Griffin know that we don’t?”

I recalled the article suggesting the Rams and Redskins had discussed a trade, and it became clear [to me] that they hadn’t just discussed a trade, they agreed upon terms to a trade with a handshake deal. The Redskins are also rumored to have spent a lot of time in discussions with Griffin’s agent. What makes this notion a little more [wet] concrete?

Handshake deal done. Everything about this weekend has suggested that Washington wants to move up for Griffin and that he is the QB they want for the future. Everything about this weekend suggests that he is already [unofficially] their guy. Of course nothing can be guaranteed until Griffin is selected in the draft, as the Colts still have to select Andrew Luck; but Griffin to the Redskins seems as sure a thing to me right now as Luck to the Colts does to everyone else.

Speculation is still out on how much it will cost the Redskins to move up and trade Griffin, but there’s a possibility it will cost two 1st round picks, a 3rd and a 5th. Also a possibility of losing a 1st, two 2nd round picks, and a 4th round pick. Whatever the deal may be, I think it’s safe to say the Redskins may have already secured the trade and will draft Griffin.

By the way, for anyone wondering how Griffin did at the NFL Combine, here you go.

Height: 6'2 3/8
Weight: 223 lbs.
*40m Dash: 4.41 [unofficially clocked at a 4.37, believes he was faster]
*Vertical: 39 inches
Broad Jump: 120 inches [Griffin also seemed to ham the broad jump and didn't put much effort into the burst and form, jumped very high, and still outperformed the majority of the field]

* - Top performer in category

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