Monday, April 30, 2012

Washington Redskins 2012 Draft Evaluation

1 - Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor
3 - Josh LeRibeus, OG, Southern Methodist
4 - Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State
4 - Keenan Robinson, ILB, Texas
5 - Adam Gettis, OG, Iowa
6 - Alfred Morris, RB, Florida Atlantic
6 - Tom Compton, OT, South Dakota
7 - Richard Crawford, CB, Southern Methodist
7 - Jordan Bernstine, DB, Iowa

The Redskins walked out of the 2012 NFL Draft with 9 selections. 2 QB’s, 3 OL, 2 DB’s, 1 LB, 1 RB were taken.

Starting with Griffin, this was a widely unanimous pick. The Redskins got the most dynamic player in the draft, and he’s a Heisman-winning QB. Griffin has a tremendous deep-throwing game and a great ability to throw on the run. His charisma is as much a part of his selection as his talent, as the Redskins need a face for the franchise to go along with being their franchise QB.

Josh LeRibeus is a guy that not many Redskins fans know much about, and a guy that absolutely nobody had the Redskins taking, especially in the 3rd round. The fans also doubted the Kerrigan and Jenkins picks last year, and while Jenkins did go on IR, he impressed everyone early on. LeRibeus is a Guard who can also play a little Center if he has to. He’s a big mauler, but he’s agile and quick, which is perfect for Shanahan’s zone-blocking scheme. Shanahan is without a doubt a top 3 offensive line coach in the history of football, so I trust his eye for this kid and taking him as high as he did tells me Shanahan saw something in him he didn’t see in many other people in this draft.

Kirk Cousins has thus-far been a controversial pick, which we’ll get to a little later. He’s 6’3, and athletic. Shanahan got to meet him at the Senior Bowl and was really impressed with what the kid offers. He didn’t have the most impressive collegiate career of any mid-to-late-round QB ever taken, but he’s a solid quarterback who will work and compete for an opportunity.

Keenan Robinson was a solid pick. He’s got a lot of experience rushing the passer from the edges, so he could play outside backer if called on, but he was told he’ll primarily be an inside backer with Fletcher and Riley, which boosts his pass-rushing ability as he’ll be directly over center when he’s blitzing. He’s a dog who just likes to hit people and he’s exceptionally quick. Very good selection.

Adam Gettis might be my favorite pick of the draft outside of Griffin. He is a beast who has deceptive speed and loves to block downfield (swing-guard on the stretch). He also has experience playing Center, so we’ve added another versatile guy providing depth at 3 spots instead of just 1 on the line.

Alfred Morris is a guy I’m not entirely familiar with outside of his deceptive quickness, agility, and strength. But he’s a late-round running back taken by Mike Shanahan. When Shanahan drafts a running back, I don’t question, I just wait to be impressed. Load the backfield and let these guys go to work and keep each other fresh.

Tom Compton is a very shifty tackle with great footwork for his size and uses his hands well. He will sometimes be caught trying to block a speed-rush and get blown up by a power move, but in the zone blocking scheme, he’ll be able to attack rather than wait for someone to bowl him over.

Richard Crawford is another favorable pick for me. He has ideal size and he’s pretty damn fast on game-day. He didn’t wow anyone in the combine which is why he fell to the 7th round, and he had a 4.6 40-yard dash which raised eyebrows, but he’s good backpedaling and he has shifty hips, allowing him to keep on a receiver when he breaks on his route.

Bernstine is a safety, and will likely play strong-side. I don’t know much about him other than he likes to play up in the box a little at times and can tackle well. From what I’m told, he’s very disciplined and good at reading the quarterback as well as sticking to his zone’s responsibility.

If I have to grade this draft, I do it by giving the Redskins a B. They stayed honest to what they wanted and they grabbed who they felt could help them, and not who was the biggest name no matter red-flags. They got a franchise quarterback and likely a backup quarterback, both of whom are upgrades over last year’s options. Shanahan bolstered the interior line and added a lot of versatile guys who will dog it out when called on.

As far as the controversy I spoke of earlier, there is none. Kirk Cousins wasn’t selected to take Griffin’s spot or put any more pressure on Griffin. Griffin cost 2 first rounders and a second rounder… teams don’t normally trade up for busts, and the Redskins wouldn’t have selected Griffin if they felt they had a shot at another quarterback who could be better than Griffin.

Cousins is an exceptional pick because the Redskins didn’t reach for a player at that spot that they didn’t necessarily need. Outside of guard, the Redskins greatest needs were both QB spots. The Redskins got a rookie to sit behind Griffin and Grossman this year so that next season when Grossman is gone they have a young kid who can play with a little experience in the system in case Griffin goes down with injury. In 3-4 seasons when it’s time to figure out how to move forward with Cousins, he will either be re-signed with veteran experience of the playbook and familiarity with the team/coaches, or he will be a Kolb/Cassel type of guy with some trade value, or he could be a Matt Flynn who comes in and wows people and then has the opportunity to leave.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Gospel of Luke

Luke 1

I think, therefore I am.

1In the era of great tumult, humanity suffered its greatest loss: the war with self. 2The species never thrived on material and consumption more in any era than its end, but as the old saying goes, "too much of anything can kill you."

3Of course, the law of Natural Selection states, only the strong survive. 4Charles Darwin's law was applicable in this instance as all others. 5The select few who were prepared to deal with catastrophe found way to prosper and maintain. 6Admittedly, they were aided by the availability of resource and nutrition. 7The land was not barren. 8Humanity did not die of thirst, starvation, or apocalyptic physical destruction of Earth. 9Humanity died because they were not willing to do what was necessary to survive... learn.

10This also is not at all about near extinction, rather devolution. 11People became so dependent on apathy that their blissfully ignorant lives became worthless. 12The great thinkers, John and Luke, did not envision any one life as worth more than the next, but the lives of so many were tattered by complacency and apathy, as well as the hypocrisy that endowed the majority, that savior was no longer an option. 13In the end, all that was left was a land full of righteous thinkers and survivors. 14And in the new beginning, a bountiful Earth was graced by the minds that could redefine humanity.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Deion Sanders Gets Attacked By Wife, Friend

So Deion jumped on Twitter earlier, with the following tweets:

Deion and Pilar are going through a divorce, so this will help his case. But going on Twitter? And posting a pic? HOLD ON PLAYA!

I could be wrong, but I believe Prime could have beat those bitches up since it was two of them. I mean, he did have his sons there to testify on his behalf that he was simply defending himself.

Weigh in with comments below, let us know what you think Deion should have done. Or joke about it. Or cry. Whatever...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Coachella 2012 - Tupac Performs (Hologram)

This is either the most amazing or creepiest thing I've ever seen... maybe both. Technology is amazing, we know this. We also know that we've got the technology to digitally place anything anywhere... but I'm shocked because I literally had no clue we were this close to hologram technology at this degree. I mean, Hell... the super-advanced space travelers in Star Wars had a shitty holographic message... that wasn't even represented as a foot-tall... this is a life-size, fully 3D scale of Tupac... complete with tattoos, swinging jewelry, and not one moment of this seemed transparent in any way. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Track of the Day: Fun - "We Are Young"

I haven't done this in a long time, feels like a great day to bring it back.

Choosing this track, because well, it's awesome. Words cannot express exactly how much I hated the Hell out of this song when I first heard it. It was torturous. I wanted to jam AAA batteries into my ears when it would come on. But after letting it sink in and listening to it some more, I can't fake on just how awesome the track is. Still hard for me to admit just how good it is, but it feels like one of those few-a-year songs that will just be good for a long time. I still hate the song live... but the studio version with the dubbed chorus that sounds cleaner... it's just awesome. Can also thank the WWE for their use of it in the Once in a Lifetime video packages for The Rock and John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter! I know everyone has a different view on Easter and whether you choose to celebrate the religious reasons or the fact you get a day off or if you treat it as a day to spend with your family and loved ones - enjoy it!

Those of you who read earlier in February, will know that I gave some things up for Lent. I also followed this with a progress report where I'd basically failed everything I decided to give up, except crisps (chips to you Americans). I'm happy to report that I managed to give up crisps for the whole duration of lent (yay me!), and I plan to indulge in a bag later today.. along with my choccie egg!

In aid of new style Lent, I think I'm definitely on time again, and I have been more organised, so that's good too! So yeah, that's me!

Have an amazing Easter everybody!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Knowing When To Stop

It's been some time since I've delved into the psycho-analysis aspect of study & writing for people; I've recently opened Plato back up and it started turning some gears in the ol' hot-air-balloon on my shoulders... and I also gotta credit @_Avant_ (read his shit here) for some of his writing because it has sparked an aspect of my writing I've been missing and it's proper to acknowledge a motivator.

What is Knowing When To Stop?

It's when you're about to push buttons that you know you shouldn't push, or you just pushed one, realized it was a horrible idea, and you need to insert the prevent-launch code ASAP.

Everyone has been in one of those situations where they're genuinely just having a good time, but the person(s) they're around just aren't as enthused. You want to joke to lighten the mood and clear the animosity in the atmosphere, or carry on with the conversation as you would any other... there are 3 ways this can go.
  1. You tell the joke/speak your piece, and immediately notice the reaction on the other person[s] face.
  2. You start to tell the joke/speak your piece but you're observant enough to see that the other person isn't in the mood for any sort of humor or discussion.
  3. You evaluate whether or not it's the proper setting for a joke/discussion before you can even begin and thus save everyone in the situation.
Contrary to what you might be lead to believe, there's only one proper route of those three listed.

So which of the three is the best route?

You don't want to fall into the first category because you're possibly going too far and worsening the mood. Just think about yourself in the situation of the tense person in the room--you hate it as much as they will--and if you cross a line there, you're not just worsening the situation; you may be contributing to a volatile environment.

You don't want to fall into the third category either. That's right, you want to be in the second category and I'll explain why after I explain why not to fall into the third category. Most tense moments need levity. It's on you to evaluate whether levity is needed, but you can't forget about the other person in the room. You don't know how much someone can take at any time, so it's best not to just assume one way or the other.

Category two is exactly where you want to be. If you appear as though you're analyzing the situation, the person will realize this and they can react a number of ways, usually unfavorable to you. Telling a joke to provide levity is the same as telling a joke at any time, it has to be appropriate, it can't be too thought out, and it usually has to appear spontaneous. Continuing the discussion falls under the same tree; while just a discussion needs you to choose your words wisely, it's still more wise for you to contribute in a casual manner. Evaluating a person's emotion while you're saying whatever it is you feel is best to say, is the best route. If they appear at all uninterested or more emotional as you go on...

...know when to stop!

A person will appreciate you far more if you show the ability to read their emotions. It's not difficult, we're innately built to react to facial expressions and body language... all of us. It's on you to be smart in that situation like you're trying to be by carrying it on and know whether you should continue or not. Continuing when you shouldn't = volatile. Not even starting when you probably should = volatile.

I've been complimented a lot for my ability to assess a situation and know when something is appropriate or not. I'm not perfect, I fuck up and go too far or not far enough, but the majority of the time I'm right on with it. We're all emotional creatures though, so sometimes both of you are hostile and you're just going to contribute to a hostile environment because the other person is.

But when you're calm and collected and the other person isn't, it's on you to be wise and, to quote a great fake-English prince and philosopher from the movie Your Highness:
Handle your shit, Fabious!
Otherwise, you're liable to end up getting stabbed, or snapping yourself and doing the stabbing... then again, a murder charge might be exactly what some people need. But I don't endorse senseless murder, so if you gotta kill someone or be killed, make sure it makes sense!