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Didier Drogba Sings Farewell to the Blues (Enigma's Response)

Sean wrote a beautiful blog post about Drogba and his career which brought a tear to my eye.

I'm really upset that Drogba is leaving us, as is every Chelsea fan. But as supporters we understand that as a team we need to rebuild and put faith into the younger players. I'm so glad Drogba is leaving on a high. He is such a character and is definitely going to be missed both on and off the pitch. He has achieved so much, and had helped the club achieve so much. He brought something special to English football - from his pure skill and class goals, to his atrocious acting and elaborate celebrations - who else do you know uses a trophy as a steering wheel?!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Drogba. He helped transform my team into something brilliant. Like he says, his blood will always run blue.

Didier Drogba, arrived as a player, left as a legend.

I salute you, sir!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Didier Drogba Sings Farewell to the Blues

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has announced, just days after his magnificent header to tie and game winning penalty shootout goal against Bayern Munich in Chelsea's first-ever Champions League victory, that he will be departing Chelsea and moving on to a "new challenge".

Drogba told Chelsea's website, "I wanted to put an end to the speculation and confirm that I am leaving Chelsea," and continued, "it has been a very difficult decision for me to make and I am very proud of what we have achieved, but the time is right for a new challenge for me."

In Drogba's 8 years with the club, he has scored 157 goals in 341 appearances, ranking 4th in club history. Chelsea have won every major championship in Drogba's run with the team, who he humbly credits before himself.

Drogba's career with Chelsea was a rollercoaster. At times, the world-class striker found himself at the wrong end of some bad decisions on the pitch, proving costly to himself and the club in crucial games. At other times, like 2012's brilliant showing in the clutch moments of the Champions League match against Bayern Munich, Drogba proved himself the most valuable player on the team, and one of the best in the world.

Drogba moves on now, at 34, to a new chapter in his life and career. The Ivory Coast legend leaves on the highest note possible, immortalized on the pitch and the tape, an iconic figure that will live in Chelsea lore forever. As a Blues supporter myself, I say good luck to Didier in the future, I hope to see you come home someday, but most importantly, THANK YOU!

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Washington Redskins 2012 Run Game

Washington Redskins Running Backs

The Washington Redskins will open the 2012 season, based on projections from today’s roster, with 4 running backs vying for an opportunity to be the guy in Mike Shanahan’s popular system. Ignoring the Quarterback situation until the end of this article, the focus is on what these guys can do no matter which quarterback is in the game.

Tim Hightower

Tim Hightower, who re-signed with the team just a few days ago, posted 84 carries for 321 yards (3.8 yards per carry) last year with only 1 touchdown. He went down with a knee injury around mid-season and finished the year on IR. Shanahan loves a guy like Hightower, who is big, quick, and physical. Hightower can presumably be an every down back, and he’s solid in the passing game as well. Durability isn’t quite a concern with the knee injury even though it was his first significant action as an every-down guy, knee injuries are freak accidents and Tim should be okay once he’s at 100%. His prospects with this line, another year in the system, and better blocking at WR & TE, are very high if he can earn playing time back from the young backs Helu & Royster.

Roy Helu

Roy Helu played a little early on in the season, was featured more as a receiving back early on (setting the franchise record for most catches in a game over Hall of Fame WR Art Monk) but the team turned to a more run-oriented scheme the second half of the season, primarily with limited options at receiver and an adjusted gameplan with the pitch-stretch. Helu carried the ball 151 times for 640 yards (4.2 yards per carry) and found the endzone twice on the ground. He fumbled once, the first time he’s done so all through college and his rookie season, but it doesn’t appear to be much of a concern moving forward. Helu grew as a pass protector, and was reliable in the pass game. Late in the year with a bad ankle (from a tackle, not being worn down), Helu took a screen pass 40+ yards and burned everyone on the field on his way to the endzone. He has impressive speed and toughness, and with a year under his belt, he should have opportunities to dominate and prove himself worthy of being Shanahan’s next 1,000-yard rusher.

Evan Royster

Evan Royster started the year on the Redskins practice squad, and got called up at mid-season when Hightower went down, Torain got cut, and Tashard Choice got released. Royster saw limited carries prior to his two starts to finish the season, but ran the ball 56 times for 328 yards (5.9 yards per carry) but didn’t find the endzone on the ground. However, Royster looked a lot like the kid out of college, running hard, making decisive cuts, hitting holes before they opened, and getting huge chunks of yards at a time. The rare 1-3 yard run negated his average, and he didn’t have any huge 90 yard runs, in fact, his longest rush was only 28 yards, but he was constantly breaking 12-14 yard runs, getting 17 first downs. Royster showed subtle rookie impatience flaws, catching himself slipping at the second level, but he’ll knock that out in his second year as he settles more into the pace of the game instead of trying to play too fast.

Alfred Morris

The Redskins also acquired a young back in Alfred Morris out of Florida Atlantic. During his college career, he amassed 497 attempts in 35 games started, for 2,343 yards (4.7 yards per carry, 66.9 yards per game) and 18 touchdowns. His best season came in 2009 when he ran for 1392 yards on 236 attempts (5.3 yards per carry) with 11 TD’s, averaging 116 yards per game. Time will tell how he transitions to the pros, but his college numbers alone are impressive, and as I’ve said countless times, if Mike Shanahan drafts you in the mid-rounds of the NFL Draft as a running back, chances are you’re a steal, perfect for his system, and you’ll have some success on his team if you dedicate yourself to his offense and playing hard.

So what are the Redskins looking at in 2012 at Running Back? There are 3 potential starters on this team, all three could earn a starting job on most rosters, and all three have the potential to run for 1,000 yards. Helu, if healthy, gives you a possible chance at 2,000+ all-purpose yards. Hightower can be a bruising, 3-down back who can keep defenses tired, constantly rotating players, and keeping your younger, faster backs fresh. Royster is a threat to be one of the best pure runners on the team, if not the league, but durability could be a concern and we were only teased with 2 games, albeit 2 which were identical to his best [most] days in college, which would lead you to believe he’s every bit as good as he wants to be.

Robert Griffin III Threat 

Throw in Robert Griffin III as a runner and this team’s potential on the ground skyrockets. Add his threat on draw plays and the ability to get to the point of the handoff on a stretch play in a timely manner (which Rex was unable to do) and the backs’ production should increase. Then throw in his threat to keep defenses honest with 3 or 4 receivers and these guys will see fewer defenders in the box, making their job all the more easy.

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Made for These Times...

As I celebrate another birthday today, I wondered and let my mind wander... Brian Wilson belting out the soundtrack to my journey.

The people in my life I consider peers are all mostly a year or three younger than me, yet they all seem to be progressing in their lives and passing me by. It's a thought that bothers me at times, because I feel like I should be right there with them. It's human nature to want to belong, no one enjoys feeling left out.

But in reality, I have always been the odd man out. As a child, I read books more often than I played outside. When it came to birthday parties as a preteen, I was the name that got left out of the invitations. Even now, I don't quite understand the fun in most things my peers enjoy. The social media outlets my peers are so fond of mean next to nothing to me. Most of the popular music I hear is soulless and empty. I'm not a party person. I always felt as though I had nothing that connected me to my generation on a social level. I could find no niche in this reality, so I turned inward and explored the depths of my imagination.

Although I found solace in solitude, I do want to find a place among my fellow human beings. A place where I am comfortably me, but also an integral part of my community. But I cannot in good conscience acquiesce and submit myself to a society policed by soulless apathy and governed by mindless greed. Life should be and must become a free, beautiful and wonderful adventure rather than a rat race, and such a change will come only when there has been growth in how we perceive ourselves, a shift in all of humankind's paradigm.

Aimlessness breeds a depressing and dooming sense of worthlessness.. So to be able to find something you can put your heart and soul into is an absolute blessing. And after a little more than half a decade of searching for purpose, I found the things that made me want to live life. If you cannot find physical friends who can understand your internal plight, the best place to turn to is literature, with music being a close runner up. Those art forms contain the minds and souls of human beings who may share the thoughts and feelings you thought were singular to you. Uniqueness in human beings is subtle, we are all shaped and made whole by the world around us, our selves exist only through and because of one another.

You feel as though you weren't made for these times because the world around you asks why while you envision things that have never been and ask why not. But your perception of self is badly skewed: You were built specifically for these times. If you see the world differently, embrace your vision.. You are who will shape the future.

May love ever possess you.. may peace come into your life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Texans Sign Former Redskins Starting QB

The Houston Texans have agreed to terms on a deal to bring in former Washington Redskins' quarterback John Beck.

Beck was released by the Redskins during the draft last month after Washington acquired Robert Griffin III to be their new starting quarterback, and Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins to be their 2nd or 3rd string Quarterback depending on the results of his competition with Rex Grossman, who will likely be the guy wearing a headset to give Griffin a heads up on the linguistics of the Shanahan scheme.

The Texans found themselves relying on the services of TJ Yates at the end of last season and into the playoffs after Matt Schaub and Matt Lienart both suffered season ending injury. The circumstances left the Texans worried about depth, although they got significant play out of the rookie quarterback. Lienart departed this offseason to join fellow Trojan Carson Palmer with the Oakland Raiders, leaving the Texans searching for a new 3rd string quarterback.

Beck has familiarity with the offensive scheme being run down in Houston under coach Gary Kubiak, who is of the Mike Shanahan mold from the Denver Broncos, where Kubiak adopted much of his philosophy.

Last season in Washington (3 starts in 4 games played), John Beck completed 80 of 132 attempts (60.2%) for 858 yards and 2 touchdowns, with 4 INT's for a quarterback rating of 72.1. The "mobile" Beck was sacked 16 times, 9 or 10 of which came in one game against the Buffalo Bills. Beck also had 10 rushes for 43 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.

Prior to joining the Redskins via trade, Beck was a member of the Baltimore Ravens, and prior to that, the Miami Dolphins, who drafted him.

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A Story Of Will..

When you suffer a setback in life, there are two possible routes you can take. You can either give up, or you can fight back. More often than not people will give up. They’ll give up on what is important to them. They’ll give up on being themselves. They do this because they think it will be easier. However, their family and friends, who have to deal with this stranger, will often disagree.

Every now and then you hear a story of sheer determination. A story that gives hope to those who are not as strong willed. Today I heard a story like this. 

Many of you might have heard about the lady who collapsed and died while running the Virgin London Marathon on the 22nd of April, a mile before the finish. Her death saddened the nation and as a result she ended up raising over £1million for The Samaritans. The reaction from the public, to a complete stranger, was amazing in itself, but this is not the story I wish to talk about..

The story I wish to share is that of a lady who completed this marathon, today. 16 days after she started. Completing the 26 mile route is an achievement in itself, but even more so when you’re paralysed from the chest down. Claire Lomas used to be a horse-rider until a riding accident broke her neck, back and ribs in 2006. Wearing a bionic suit which she had specially made, after raising the funds for it, she completed the marathon.  She’s raised over £83,000 for Spinal Research, which funds medical research to develop treatments for paralysis.

This year, the rules were changed for the London Marathon, and because Lomas didn’t complete the race on the 22nd of April, she’s not entitled to a medal. I personally think this is disgusting. Richard Branson should be ashamed to put his name to this marathon. Fortunately, Olympic rowing champion, Sir Matthew Pinsent, had the brilliant idea of launching a twitter campaign to get her one, and some kind participants donated their medals to recognise her achievement.

This 32-year-old lady, who suffered a setback in life, is an inspiration. Her determination. Her passion. Her strength. It’s something to be envied and admired.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mike Shanahan Names RGIII Starting QB

Here I go, a day later than everyone else—so goes the way of Don’t Laugh, People—but I’ve got a day to think on this whereas everyone else just posted in the excitement of the breaking news.

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan announced yesterday that Robert Griffin III, Heisman Trophy winning, #2 overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, QB out of Baylor University, would be the unquestionable starting quarterback.

It was in response to whether there’s any QB controversy between Griffin & the Redskins 3rd pick in the draft, 4th rounder Kirk Cousins of Michigan State, and if RGIII would have to beat out veteran Rex Grossman. Shanahan said, “He’s the starter. Period,”

He went on to express the logic that the team didn’t give up so much to have Griffin wait in the wings, but that Griffin should, and would be comfortable under pressure to get right into it.

He also suggested that the team would do some amazing things with Griffin, but all based on what he is able to do and what they feel they can get out of him. “We're going to adjust our system to what he feels comfortable with, and we'll watch him grow and we'll do what we feel like he can do and what he does the best.”

Shanahan also went on to praise Griffin’s physical strengths and his unique repertoire. “One thing the NFL is not used to is a quarterback with his type of speed and his type of throwing ability, so I think we can do some things that people haven't done.”

As previously mentioned, this comes after a lot of speculation and imbecilic “reporting” and reacting from almost everyone suggesting that Cousins is a threat to Griffin off of everything other than talent, draft position, college career performance, and their performance on the NFL level in camps, practices, and preseason performance. One of the most idiotic “arguments” anyone made in this entire situation was that Mike Shanahan & Kyle Shanahan are racist against black people, so long as the black person is a quarterback—citing their handling of veteran Donovan McNabb.

Everything Mike Shanahan says needs to be taken with a grain of salt. He’s putting the pressure on RGIII to keep his position now while putting faith in him to succeed and keep his job. Rex Grossman can still start day one, but Shanahan is expressing more than a guarantee or promise, he’s expressing faith in a young man to be a great leader.

Song Of The Day (07/05/12)

Jessie J is definitely one of my favourite artists at the moment. I'm loving her on The Voice UK, with her honesty and all her faces. It amazes me that she's only 2 years older than I am, because she really has so much experience. It's only right that I post one of her songs. 

Now, this song isn't lyrically brilliant. It's not extremely clever. But I think the lyrics are important. When I first heard it I thought of one person. Another reason why I'm posting this song is because it's a collaboration with a DJ whose music never fails to make me dance and have a good time.

I give you,
Jessie J - Laserlight ft. David Guetta, enjoy!

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Why You're Bitches [Cinco De Mayo]

Stupid people NEED to be eradicated. It's not a matter of how or why anymore, simply a matter of need. They can't be allowed to prosper. And before I continue, yes, I know this is a little childish and weak of me, but quite frankly I'm sick of stupidity. It's usually something minor that is the last straw anyways... after all, it IS straw... something tiny, weak, and dull.

I come home from Starbucks today, and find this truck, which doesn't belong to anyone who lives in my neighborhood, especially not in my court, double parked. There isn't assigned parking, but it's common courtesy if you don't live in the court, to park in the middle or down the lot a little ways so that the people who do live here can park a little close to their house.

This dickwad is double parked. I could forgive him if he was just running in to see someone for a minute and leaving right away, but he was double parked before I pulled up 45 minutes ago, and his truck is still out there double parked now. How fucking difficult is it to park properly? And if you don't park properly, back out and straighten your shit up?

I lived in Louisiana for 2 years, country shit, so I know ALL about people parking anywhere on the lawn, crooked, sideways, backwards, upside down... but that's with large yards, a couple acres of land, and the common courtesy to not put your shit somewhere that it blocks others.

I see this shit all the time, everywhere, people double parking. You're supposed to get ticketed for it, but they never do. Parking garages that get packed at the movies are loaded with double parked cars, making the damn-near impossible, impossible. Grocery store parking lots get clogged with it to the point that YOU have to double park in order to double park, or scrape the shit outta one person's car to fit in with enough space to flatten yourself in order to get out of your car after smashing your door into the car.

I'm sick of it... parking is a requirement, it's necessary. There are too many cars on the road as is for people to fuck up one of the simplest jobs there in when driving. But this isn't just about car problems and road rage, this is about stupid people. Double parkers are the same fucking idiots who do stupid shit any-and-everywhere else on this planet in all walks of life at all rungs of the social ladder.

Stupidity needs to be eradicated--whether it be through having knowledge thrust upon the imbeciles or eliminating them from life itself. Stupidity isn't strength, and only the strong survive. I'm not condoning murder, genocide... nothing violent or illegal... but something HAS to be done.

Reflecting on The Avengers

I’ve had a little over a day to let The Avengers soak in, and most of you [should] have gone to see it by now, so any “spoilers” I might post shouldn’t come as any surprise or result in any backlash.

First of all, I’m a comic fan, especially Marvel. I understand that there’s a lot portrayed in these characters that are more a consequence of the actors than what the characters are intended to be, but those of you looking for the comic turned to life and no alteration or tweaking of any kind are preposterous. I’m glad Stark is humor-driven, as well as Captain America (9 times outta 10 he’s not really trying to be funny). I’m glad Thor is socially awkward and humorous, because it provides that element of levity in the “unknown” of a demigod on Earth. And let’s face it, 7 characters of seriousness without wit doesn’t make for much fun in a movie.

The movie was brilliant, and they focused on a solid story, leaving enough open with every character that it would give us something to look forward to in the next movies. There was a lot of action, but spaced out enough in the 2+ hours that it never felt too action-packed. There was a good amount of emphasis on the psychology of each character and the way they interacted with one another, and every couple minutes a punchline was thrown in for our amusement. There was also plenty of focus on Nick Fury (finally) & S.H.I.E.L.D. and the role they play in keeping The Avengers out of the aim of the government.

You’ll pretty much have gathered from trailers that there would be conflict between Captain America & Tony Stark, Tony Stark & Thor, Thor & Hulk, and that everyone would be dealing with Hawkeye at one point or another. Those of you familiar with the comics know that these quarrels were a massive focal point, not only in The Avengers, but in each individual series as well when an appearance was made.

*Spoilers will exist below*

Loki was badass, and you’ll be sorely mistaken if you think his incarceration on Asgard will be the end of his character, especially with Thor 2 set for next year. The effects in the film were tremendous, and if I told you that Banner/Hulk stole the show before you saw/heard it, you’d probably think I was insane.

Mark Ruffalo is hands-down the best Incredible Hulk I’ve seen in the last decade where constant rehashes have been made. Norton was excellent as The Hulk, but that was more because Norton is just downright brilliant as an actor. Ruffalo hit a homerun and I’m looking forward to him carrying on with the role (hopefully) in a new Hulk movie and unquestionably in the next Avengers. He stole the show, in large part because I think we already knew what to expect of the others, but also because he just outright played the part perfectly.

I don’t have to say it, but the cast is awesome, and there’s a very good chemistry, which we weren’t sure was going to exist. But one of the best things about their chemistry is that it’s due to each being egotistical and individualistic, which translated well onto the screen, and when that moment where they needed a push occurred, it made it seem all the more genuine and emotional to the audience.

So if you haven’t forked over the money to go see the film yet, please do so. If you have, go see it again. There was a masterpiece in comic movies, and it set up for so much more in the individual projects as well as a followup.

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Song Of The Day (04/05/12)

Personally I think this song is a bit of a tune... very catchy... 

I give you, Conor Maynard - Can't Say No, enjoy! 

Adam Yauch, MCA of Beastie Boys, Dead

It was reported today by, Russell Simmons' website, that Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch, known by fans as MCA, has passed away. Yauch was 47.

The story has been confirmed by TMZ through friends and family of Yauch.

MCA had been battling with cancer, although it's unclear at this point if his death was a result of cancer.

The Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, and MCA was unable to attend the ceremony. HBO will air the event tomorrow, Saturday, May 5 at 9PM EST.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Retired Linebacker Junior Seau Dead

Former San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots Linebacker Junior Seau was found dead in his home today of a gunshot wound to the chest, being ruled an apparent suicide, as first reported by TMZ.

I refuse to report on his personal troubles in his home and family, but I will say there was a belief that playing in the NFL and the brutality sustained from head injuries and concussions likely had an impact on Seau's life at home. The first thing that comes to mind for anyone is that Seau shot himself in the chest, and this has become all too common among retired players dealing with brain trauma sustained via concussions. Most recently (in February), former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson shot himself in the chest so that his brain could be preserved for research in medicine to determine the effects concussions have on the brain.

This is an issue coming to light recently that is dark in nature. Duerson had apparently told a family member that he felt like his brain was falling out of his head weeks prior to taking his life. Many players have killed themselves over brain trauma, but more recently retired players are doing it where the brain could be preserved instead of ending the discomfort and pain with a shot to the head.

Editor's note: I would like to apologize for any harsh language or dialogue. I am not trying to be disrespectful to any player, Mr. Seau, or the Seau family, rather just trying to bring to light something discussed in length here before. If I've offended anyone, I do apologize sincerely and deeply.

I'm unaware of Seau's intentions and if brain trauma played any part in his death, but if that were the case, perhaps it's time that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell look a little further into ways to fund aid, treatment, and support for retired players, especially those suffering from any particular cases of head trauma. Roger Goodell's yearly salary has doubled from $10M to $20M now, and still not a dime is being put towards retired players to provide any comfort they may require.

I hope everyone says a prayer for Mr. Seau, his family, friends, former teammates and colleagues, and other retired athletes who may be dealing with brain trauma, or any personal demons that may exist outside of the brain (as we're merely speculating on a scenario that has become all too common in recent years). May Junior Seau rest in eternity.

UPDATE: It's now being reported that Junior Seau left a suicide note which contained a request that his brain be donated to medical science to research the effects of concussions on the brain, particularly in athletes.

UPDATE 2: Report of the suicide note have been denied by police at the scene.