Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Laugh at me?? Maybe in future posts

Many thanks to Sean Bishop for allowing me to contribute here. Who am I? A 26 year-old sports and numbers nut that sacrificed a life of being a ladies man. Born in DC, raised in MD (PG County!), and currently in Glendale, AZ. With the start of training camp underway and happiness abound, I will instead look bad at 5 (or more) of the worst Redskins games I've watched live or on TV. 5.Redskins 34, Cardinals 37; 11/06/1996 I have a soft spot for Arizona. Half of my family is from there, and I ended up graduating high school in the "Grand Canyon State." As long as the Redskins would win their weekly NFL game, I'd root for the Cardinals (unless they faced the Skins). I remember it vividly: Redskins are enjoying a 4th quarter lead, and Boomer Esiason turns the 4th quarter into a passing league exhibition. Boomer throws for 522(!) yards in the game. The Redskins get the game-winning FG nullified by a penalty (they miss the re-kick), and the Cardinals score a FG with 33 seconds left to prevent a tie. At least I didn't have to witness a tie game, but I'd no longer be prevented from witnessing that thanks to.... 4. Redskins 7, Giants 7; 11/24/1997 Where do I begin with this game? Gus Frerotte celebrating a TD run the dumbest way possible? Michael Westbrook tossing his helmet near the end of OT (an losing the Redskins valuable field position)? Or the fact that we tied the Giants. On national television. That tie would prove costly at the end of the season with a playoff spot on the line, but hey! At 8-7-1, Norv can call that another "winning season" on his résumé... 3. Redskins 16, Bills 17; 12/02/2007 I LOVE Joe Gibbs. Love the man to death....but you HAVE to know the timeout rules. Not because it was a late-season game, but because it was the first game after Sean's death. Now maybe Lindell makes the FG anyways of the T.O. gaffe wasn't committed. But for that to happen on that day of all days still goes down as maybe the most heartbreaking (on-field) loss in history for Redskins fans around my age. Yes, winning the final 4 games that year was inspiring (culminating with a 21-point win over Dallas in the season finale), but that Buffalo game was the ONE game every Redskins fan, player, and employee wanted to win that season. 2. A "special" two-fer: Redskins 0, Cowboys 27; 12/14/2003 Redskins 0, Bills 23; 10/30/2011 The two worst shutout losses by far (even worse than the 3-0 loss to the Jets at windy RFK back in 1993). Tim Hasselbeck cemented his spot in Redskins "history" with a 6-26 passing performance, good for a 0.0 rating. John Beck tried not to be outdone by being sacked 9 times, and every deep ball he threw came down like a duck shot out of the air. The Dallas game was lost to Quincy Carter of all QBs, and the Buffalo game was lost in Toronto, giving our neighbors up north a reason to stay connected to their beloved CFL. 1. Two Monday Night Duds: Redskins 12, Giants 45; 12/21/2009 Redskins 28, Eagles 59; 11/15/2010 "Swinging Gate" That's all I will say about the Giants game. As for the Eagles game, it was the Michael Vick showcase. I'll never forget looking at the scoreboard, wondering if it was broke, because we were down 28-0 in the 1st quarter. Then came the rain. Then Albert Haynesworth napping during a play. The only good thing about this game? My ticket was free-though I should've been paid to watch that manslaughter. These two games are the only two games I went to that I voluntarily chose to leave before the game ended.

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